HP Vertica “Dragline”

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  • Live Aggregate projections
  • Open Architecture
  • Blazing – Fast Analytics
  • Massive Scalability

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HP Vertica Analytics Platform

The latest release of HP Vertica, codenamed “Dragline”, offers organizations new and faster ways to store, explore and serve more data. With the Dragline release, we’ve made HP Vertica even more powerful, allowing you to:

  • Perform analytics for utilities and energy to pursue smart meter initiatives, educating customers on consumption rates and how to ultimately lower energy costs, and telecommunications companies to provide personalized billing service as required by law in some countries.
  • Preserve hardware and system resources for analysts, report writers, and data scientists, who can now manage the mixed workloads with dynamic resource management, achieving an overall lower total cost of ownership.
  • Predict and prevent customer churn through rich social media sentiment analysis, identifying customers who are dissatisfied and proactively offer specialized promotions on a 1:1 basis.
  • Deliver personalized marketing with geo-precise target advertisements by combining big data with location data. Now, retailers can target the most relevant customers by combining location with brand affinities, consumer passion points, and dynamic mobile behavior.

HP Vertica “Dragline” addresses the needs of the most demanding, analytic- driven organizations by providing new features, including:

  • Project Maverick’s Live Aggregate Projections to speed up queries that rely on resource-intensive aggregate functions like SUM, MIN/MAX, and COUNT.
  • Dynamic mixed workload management which identifies and adapts to varying query complexities — simple and ad-hoc queries as well as long-running advanced queries — and dynamically assigns the appropriate amount of resources to ensure the needs of all data consumers.
  • HP Vertica Pulse, which helps organizations leverage an in-database sentiment analysis tool that scores short data posts, including social data, such as Twitter feeds or product reviews, to gauge the most popular topics of interest, analyze how sentiment changes over time and identify advocates and detractors.
  • HP Vertica Place, which stores and analyzes geospatial data in real time, including locations, networks and regions.

HP Vertica Dragline lets organizations store data cost-effectively, explore it quickly and leverage well-known SQL-based tools to get customer insights. By offering blazingly-fast speed, accuracy and security, Dragline offers operational advantages to the entire organization.

HP Vertica Features

Real-Time Loading & Querying

Today, information is generated continuously around the world, and as a result, overnight batch windows of loading data are a luxury of the past. Organizations must be able to load information into their analytics platform nonstop, while simultaneously allowing access to the data for rich analytics.

The time-value of information is critically important, and the sooner users have access to data after it is generated the more valuable it is. For retailers this may mean just-in-time promotions and inventory placement. For financial companies this impacts timely trade decisions. For online gaming companies, this serves up a more personalized and engaging gaming experience. This minimal latency is no easy feat as the volume of information from network feeds, user mouse clicks, Read More »

Advanced In-Database Analytics

Vertica offers a robust and ever growing set of Advanced In-Database Analytics functionality so that customers can conduct the analytics computations closer to the data, and get immediate answers from a single place without the need to extract information to a separate environment for processing. Keeping the data in-database is especially critical as the size of data sets shifts from terabytes to petabytes and beyond.

Importantly, Vertica’s native analytic functions and UDF’s were also purpose-built to take full advantage of our unique MPP parallelism, columnar storage and execution so that they execute faster than on any other platform. Vertica offers full ANSI standard SQL support, SQL analytic functions, regular text expressions, native SQL extensions and a User Defined Function (UDF) Read More »

Database Designer & Administration Tools

Vertica’s Database Designer and Administration Tools allow for powerful tuning and control with minimal administration effort. In traditional database environments, DBAs spend a lot of time and money identifying performance problems and optimizing a database physical design, usually after their users have already encountered problems and SLAs have not been met.

Vertica’s Database Designer

Vertica’s Database Designer can be run at setup and as often as wanted thereafter, while the system is online to proactively analyze the schema, query stream, workload and other statistics, automating the physical design optimization process. What might take DBA’s months of work in a traditional data warehouse, Vertica’s Database Designer can automate in a few minutes. A major benefit of Vertica’s Database Designer is that Read More »

Columnar Storage & Execution

It’s no wonder why all of the major data warehousing vendors are trying to morph their outdated architectures to leverage columnar technology- column stores offer significant gains in performance, I/O, storage footprint, and efficiency when it comes to analytic workloads. Why read and retrieve all columns in the database if you don’t need all of them?

Vertica is the Pioneer in Next-Generation Column Stores

Unlike traditional database vendors who struggle with retrofitting columnar storage into their legacy code for marginal gains, Vertica’s columnar orientation was deliberately designed into the core of the platform from day one. This means that all Vertica components are columnar-aware so that we deliver superior compression and encoding, better and more efficient relational join performance, and Read More »

Aggressive Data Compression

Vertica organizes values of similar data types contiguously in memory and on disk enabling aggressive and simultaneous data compression and encoding for dramatic footprint reduction and blazingly fast parallel load and query times. Based on data cardinality and workloads, the Database Designer automatically chooses from over a dozen encoding and compression algorithms. Vertica’s unique sorting capability further enhances the compression of the data. As a result, our customers achieve more with less hardware.

The Benefits of Operating on Encoded Data

Vertica operates on encoded data which dramatically improves analytic performance by reducing CPU, memory, and disk I/O at processing time. Traditional RDBMS systems are not able to operate on compressed data. A typical row-oriented database system will often expand Read More »

Scale-Out MPP Architecture

The speed, scale and rapid growth of today’s information exceed what even the largest of supercomputers could ever handle alone, which is why Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) systems are becoming the norm. Vertica delivers a simple, yet highly robust and scalable MPP solution for the masses with linear scaling and native high availability on industry standard hardware.

No Single Point of Failure

Unlike other MPP Analytic platforms, which are prone to failure and difficult to manage, Vertica has no leader nodes, and therefore no single point of failure. Any node in a Vertica cluster is capable of initiating loads or queries, and will evenly distribute the workload to other nodes when it makes sense to do so. Workload distribution is Read More »

Automatic High Availability

Vertica offers native automatic high availability through a unique real-time mechanism ensuring the system will continue to load and analyze data even if there are hardware failures in the cluster. We also offer the ability to store the redundant data in different sort orders to deliver the same advantage a secondary index would, without the overhead and hassle of an index.

Robust Fault Tolerance and Recovery

A key attribute of the Vertica Analytics Platform is native high availability; a Vertica cluster can withstand a hardware failure with no material impact on the overall operation of the system. In the event of a hardware failure, Vertica administrators can simply pull the Read More »

Optimizer, Execution Engine & Workload Management

The Vertica Optimizer and Execution Engine provide users the maximum performance from their database without worrying about the details required to get it done.

The Vertica Optimizer

The Optimizer is the brain of the analytics platform that produces execution plans for queries posed by users. Vertica’s Optimizer was purpose-built to reduce the need for manual tuning as much as possible, understanding and choosing the optimal plan in the presence of several choices even for the most complex analytic queries. This allows the end-user to think about questions, without having to worry about the optimal path to the answers. Vertica supports classic Star and Snowflake schemas as well as any type of arbitrary schema. Vertica also supports multiple schemas concurrently for Read More »

Native BI, ETL, & Hadoop/MapReduce Integration

As “big data” growth and the importance of monetizing this information continue, more companies are joining a growing ecosystem of data warehousing and analytics solutions. Not every company can provide all the necessary tools to make the most of your business-critical information, so HP partners with best-of-breed tools that integrate with the HP Vertica Analytics Platform.

Through our standard connectors and a flexible API, HP enables you to move data into and out of the HP Vertica Analytics Platform, in creating reports, dashboards, and queries, and in developing applications that offer drastically better query performance and scalability. HP offers this industry-standard connectivity through ODBC, JDBC, ADO.Net, and our rich API as well as native integrations and certifications with Read More »

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