HP Vertica “Dragline”

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  • Live Aggregate projections
  • Open Architecture
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  • Massive Scalability

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HP Vertica Analytics Platform

The latest release of HP Vertica, codenamed “Dragline”, offers organizations new and faster ways to store, explore and serve more data. With the Dragline release, we’ve made HP Vertica even more powerful, allowing you to:

  • Perform analytics for utilities and energy to pursue smart meter initiatives, educating customers on consumption rates and how to ultimately lower energy costs, and telecommunications companies to provide personalized billing service as required by law in some countries.
  • Preserve hardware and system resources for analysts, report writers, and data scientists, who can now manage the mixed workloads with dynamic resource management, achieving an overall lower total cost of ownership.
  • Predict and prevent customer churn through rich social media sentiment analysis, identifying customers who are dissatisfied and proactively offer specialized promotions on a 1:1 basis.
  • Deliver personalized marketing with geo-precise target advertisements by combining big data with location data. Now, retailers can target the most relevant customers by combining location with brand affinities, consumer passion points, and dynamic mobile behavior.

HP Vertica “Dragline” addresses the needs of the most demanding, analytic- driven organizations by providing new features, including:

  • Project Maverick’s Live Aggregate Projections to speed up queries that rely on resource-intensive aggregate functions like SUM, MIN/MAX, and COUNT.
  • Dynamic mixed workload management which identifies and adapts to varying query complexities — simple and ad-hoc queries as well as long-running advanced queries — and dynamically assigns the appropriate amount of resources to ensure the needs of all data consumers.
  • HP Vertica Pulse, which helps organizations leverage an in-database sentiment analysis tool that scores short data posts, including social data, such as Twitter feeds or product reviews, to gauge the most popular topics of interest, analyze how sentiment changes over time and identify advocates and detractors.
  • HP Vertica Place, which stores and analyzes geospatial data in real time, including locations, networks and regions.

HP Vertica Dragline lets organizations store data cost-effectively, explore it quickly and leverage well-known SQL-based tools to get customer insights. By offering blazingly-fast speed, accuracy and security, Dragline offers operational advantages to the entire organization.

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