HP Vertica Big Data Conference 2013

Big Data Conference in the News

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Valentina Craft, SiliconANGLE
August 8,2013

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Christopher Tozzi, The VAR Guy
August 8,2013

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Alan McStravick, SiliconANGLE
August 7,2013

Winning the Elections with Big Data : Obama’s Team of Newbies
Valentina Craft, SiliconANGLE
August 7,2013

Ernesto Pellegrino,
August 5,2013

Overheard at the conference

Jeff Smith IIS @JeffSmithIIS 
Congrats to #HP #Vertica on the #HPBigData2013 conference. High value and high impact.

Laura Mackey @laurasmackey
Billy Beane hired the first female scout. Opening doors to smart talent is the best result of his Moneyball story.

Somnath Roy @somnath1175
Great talk by Billy Bean (Moneyball) at the HP Big Data Conference !!!

Mike Phelan @MikePhelanTN
Billy Beane delivered a great keynote and gave all the data geeks hope that they could work in the sports field someday

Jayaprakash Bandu @jbandu
Vertica is a great company. Great focus on the strengths. Great show.

Closing the loop on the HP Vertica Big Data Conference

We just wrapped up the massively successful HP Vertica Big Data Conference, a three-day event focused on the business and technology behind Big Data analytics. During the week we held training sessions, a hackathon, panel discussions, and a memorable keynote from Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oakland Athletics and inspiration for the best-selling book Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game. As one conference attendee tweeted, “Billy Beane delivered a great keynote and gave all the data geeks hope that they could work in the sports field someday.”

Colin Mahony, VP and GM of HP Vertica, spoke about the importance of “closing the loop” during his keynote address. So let’s follow his lead here and give a huge thanks to all our sponsors and attendees. Without their support and commitment we couldn’t have pulled off such a high-energy, successful event. We’ll see you at the 2014 HP Vertica Big Data Conference!


Opening Keynote

Colin Mahony, VP & GM of HP Vertica, delivered a spectacular keynote to kick off the HP Vertica Big Data Conference.

Day 2 Keynote

George Kadifa, Executive Vice President, HP Software, talks Big Data and HAVEn at the HP Vertica Big Data Conference.

Rubik’s Cube

During the keynote address at the HP Vertica Big Data Conference, Colin Mahony, VP & GM of HP Vertica, invited Tariq Ali, our youngest Data Scientist, onto the stage to exhibit what true real-time analytics look like. This resulted in one of the most iconic moments of the entire conference.

Big Data and the DNC

Chris Wegryzyn, director, Data Architecture, Democratic National Committee, talks with theCUBE about the impact of big data in political campaigns. Wegryzyn mentioned that while the team had to learn everything on site, they didn’t have any experience, they were not familiar with SQL, and there were no tech wizards.

The Potential of Cheap Insights

Pete Fishman, director, Analytics, Yammer, discusses analytics and providing cheap insights that businesses can act on to make the best decisions with theCUBE. “A lot of our philosophy is around cheapness, we want to deliver insights cheaply. We don’t go too deep into a lot of our models, our visualizations, this is what gets you the answer in a sort of simplistic fashion,” Fishman said.

How Big is Big Data?

Colin Mahony, VP and General Manager, HP Vertica, discusses the rapid expansion of the data universe, from his first hard drive clocking in at a whopping 20 megabytes to today’s staggering terabytes, petabytes, and exabytes

The Tangible Value of Big Data

In this 20-minute interview, Chris Selland, VP Marketing, HP Vertica, discusses the evolution of the Big Data Conference, the tangible value of Big Data, the story of Vertica, and many other topics.