HP Vertica Analytics Platform 7 “Crane”

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The talk about Vertica 7...

It World Canada Writes "With organizations keeping more data for sophisticated analysis the number of business intelligence platforms keeps expanding...[HP Vertica] has announced Vertica 7.0 Enterprise Edition with a number of new capabilities including improvements to the management console and the addition of a Java software development kit."

ZDNet writes "Vertica 7 to NoSQL DBs: Drop dead"

4 Traders says "HP today announced enhancements to the HP Vertica Analytics Platform, enabling organizations to accelerate business value from a vastly expanded variety of data."

Data Center Knowledge writes "The new version 7, also called Vertica Crane, dramatically simplifies the exploration and analysis of semistructured and “dark” data, provides enhanced integration with Hadoop, and offers significant security and performance enhancements."

ExecutiveBiz Says Hewlett-Packard has updated its analytics platform offering for clients, aiming to help turn big data into business assets."

Gigaom writes "HP sets a new (and less expensive) Version of Vertica loose on unstructured data..."It’s a big update for a database based on analytic SQL workloads but that needs to find a way to play with today’s data formats."

Cloud Computing Intelligence says HP Vertica "...enables analysts, data scientists and business users to explore and visualize information without burdening, or needing to wait for, their IT organisations to use the lengthy and expensive extraction and transformation tools..." says: "HP has revamped its Vertica analytics platform to allow its business customers to glean more insight into their vast swathes of data, as large and small businesses wrestle with the high risks and rewards of big data analytics."

HP Vertica Analytics Platform 7 “Crane”

Shine a Light on Your Dark Data

Organizations recognize the immense potential value in Big Data. However, it can be particularly challenging to find patterns in or explore new forms of semi-structured data such as social media, web logs, sensors and more.

These newer, yet rapidly growing and critically important, data types require a lengthy process to load into traditional analytic platforms and data warehouses before they can be explored, analyzed, and ultimately monetized — remaining “dark” to many organizations.

The HP Vertica Analytics Platform 7 “Crane” enables you to accelerate business value from a vastly expanded variety of data by simplifying the exploration and analysis of semi-structured and “dark data.” This release also includes the most comprehensive SQL on Hadoop, critical security and performance enhancements, and more.

Introducing HP Vertica Flex Zone

An innovative offering of HP Vertica 7, HP Vertica Flex Zone enables you to quickly and easily load, explore, analyze, and monetize emerging and rapidly growing forms of semi-structured data.

How? With patent-pending technology, HP Vertica Flex Zone eliminates the need for coding-intensive schemas to be defined or applied before the data is loaded for exploration. One-step schema capabilities allow for schemas to be created and applied as-needed for high-performance analytics with the HP Vertica 7 Enterprise Edition.

The benefit? Your analysts, data scientists, and business users can now explore and visualize information without burdening or waiting for your IT organizations to use lengthy and expensive extraction and transformation tools and processes typical with legacy databases and data warehouses. Best of all, you can your existing business intelligence (BI) and visualization tools to to visually explore and draw conclusions from data patterns across a full spectrum of structured and semi-structured data.

Shine a Light On Your Dark Data
With HP Vertica 7

With HP Vertica Analytics Platform 7 “Crane,” you can finally derive value from all your “Dark Data” with simplified exploration and analysis, based on disruptive, patent-pending technology and core platform enhancements.