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Who’s Winning with Vertica?

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Who's Winning With Vertica?

Watch the videos below to hear some of the success stories from the game changing community of Vertica users.

Our customers and their business challenges are wide-ranging but all share a need to better manage and harvest value from their data. Whether you’re a gaming company examining consumer behavior, a telco firm managing network performance or a retail operation performing loyalty analysis, the Vertica solution will provide better, faster access to your data transforming it into actionable information.


BlueCross BlueShield Association: Blue Health Intelligence

Doug Porter, Senior Vice President and CIO of BlueCross BlueShield Association, discusses how the company is using the Vertica Analytics Platform with Léo Apotheker, CEO of HP.


Cardlytics Powers More Ads with HP Vertica

In this short video, Jon Wren, Director of Data Innovation for Cardlytics, discusses how Cardlytics uses HP Vertica to enable better personalization for the ads they serve to online banking customers. In addition, Jon talks about gaining so much time with HP Vertica that his analysts can finally do what they were hired to do – analyze data – instead of wrangling data.

With HP Vertica, Cardlytics believes they have the power to scale Cardlytics to handle any large banking customers without having to worry about the database.


Comcast: Faster data analysis yields competitive advantage.

Challenge: Comcast network operators must be able to quickly collect and analyze data being generated by devices in the network. Monitoring networks in a cost-effective manner is a particularly acute issue for Comcast, as its network has millions of components, and there are billions of metrics that could indicate a potential service interruption or other problem.

Solution: Using Vertica, Comcast built a network performance monitoring data warehouse. The company is now able to monitor millions of network devices to ensure quality of service and accuracy of capacity planning. The innovative system meets rigorous fault-tolerance and recovery tests and delivers sub-second query performance.

Testimonial: “Vertica opened doors to analyses that otherwise were either too time-intensive or impossible. A larger team of business managers now have faster, easier access to more information. That knowledge is invaluable in an aggressively competitive market like ours.”

—Brian Harvell, Executive director for network operations, Comcast


Convertro: Empowering marketing intelligence through real-time analytics

Challenge: Providing actionable, insightful information about marketing campaigns and web usage statistics can be difficult with high-traffic web properties.  Many organizations and analytics providers use historical data samples instead of real-time, granular detail data, which can lead to an inaccurate picture of what’s happening on a website.

Solution: Convertro leverages the Vertica Analytics Platform to access and analyze granular detail data in real-time, providing a comprehensive picture of what’s happening on their clients’ websites.  Deploying Vertica in the cloud has enabled Convertro to quickly and cost effectively provision new customers or additional capacity, providing unparalleled flexibility for this web-based company.



Glassbeam: Operational data optimized resulting in greater efficiency.

Challenge: Glassbeam’s customer datasets were so large and complex that they were overwhelming the company’s database technology (PostgreSQL), resulting in slow query times and high storage costs. Optimizing PostgreSQL was costing too much, making it impossible for Glassbeam to offer a competitively priced service and still be profitable.

Solution: Vertica and Glassbeam developed the first software-as-a-service (SaaS) application for analyzing product operational data. The new systems achieved up to 1000X improvement in query speed with one-tenth of the storage space. Now the company can deliver higher service levels for ad hoc queries of 1TB+ data sets (95% of Vertica queries run in under 5 seconds). Real-time analysis and inexpensive storage of historical data are other benefits of the Vertica solution.

Testimonial: “The products our customers sell generate a lot of data and they need to analyze this data quickly and accurately to make critical business decisions. For our offering to be successful, we needed a database backend with scalable performance and low operational costs.We evaluated PostgreSQL, Oracle and Vertica and found Vertica provided at least twice the performance while consuming one-tenth the storage.”

—Larry Lancaster, CTO, Glassbeam


Guess?: Mobile business intelligence becomes a reality

Challenge: Business intelligence was traditionally the domain of data analysts and BI specialists, creating and distributing operational dashboards. However, frontline store managers, regional directors, and knowledge workers from every major operational unit needed real-time, immediate access to sales, inventory figures, and logistics information to better manage the business.

Solution: Deploying the Vertica Analytics Platform and MicroStrategy enabled Guess? to create a flexible, mobile business intelligence application and deliver it via the iPad. Now, store managers, regional directors, and knowledge workers from every functional area are able to analyze information regarding sales, inventories, logistics, brands, etc. in real-time via a flexible and dynamic user interface.



hMetrix: New BI solution improves company performance.

Challenge: HMetrix suddenly needed a way to move its reporting out of the back room and into a more interactive, non-technical user environment while ensuring extreme ease of use and accommodating the size of the datasets.

Solution: The company used Vertica to build a robust healthcare business intelligence platform. This data warehouse enables complex ad hoc querying of large datasets by healthcare professionals. The point and click, visual data analyses with Tableau enable faster, better and more strategic decisions. Query performance was improved by an average of 70X.

Testimonial: “Using Tableau and Vertica together gives us and our clients a competitive edge by being able to query data in an ad-hoc way 70 times faster than with our old database.”

—George Chalissery, CEO , HMetrix


NetworkIP: Fast answers mean better customer service.

Challenge: Faced with customer demands that were outpacing the application, NetworkIP needed a database that would let customers directly query the raw CDRs for any period of time. The database had to let the data warehouse store at least two years’ worth of CDRs – or about 1.2 billion records, each containing about 200 pieces of information – and deliver responses in 10 seconds or less for 90% of queries.

Solution: The company built a data warehouse and web-based BI application for analyzing CDRs using Vertica. Now they able to run queries up to 1000X faster and perform near real-time analysis (30 minute vs. one-day lag time). The new system eliminates the need for aggregate data and enables faster, more granular analysis and cost-effectively store and query two years’ worth of CDRs (vs. 90 days).

Testimonial: “Whether enabling a customer to see the effect of a pricing change made hours ago or ensuring quality of service, we need to have clear, call detail record visibility into the two million connections we manage every day. The Vertica Analytic Database gives us the answers we need fast – regardless of whether the call occurred 10 minutes ago or two years ago. For example, it has cut the time to perform a critical monthly cost analysis of toll-free call traffic from 12 hours to 10 seconds. Given our intense focus on margins, that’s the kind of result that makes a huge difference in our market.”

—Stephan Broquie, director of business development applications, NetworkIP

nimblestorage (1)

Nimble Storage Leverages Operational Data with Analytics Delivered by HP Vertica

Nimble Storage, a leading provider of flash storage solutions, wanted to improve customer relationships by providing its customers with insights and recommendations for optimizing their storage infrastructure and simplifying their day-to-day operations.

For several years, Nimble Storage used a free open source database management system to analyze this data, however as their business grew, they realized that this solution could not scale sufficiently or cost effectively. In 2013 Nimble Storage implemented the HP Vertica Analytics Platform. They now have a scalable analytics platform that can handle the rapid growth trajectory of their business, and at a lower cost than their legacy data analytics solution.

Since deploying HP Vertica, Nimble Storage has projected five-year cumulative benefits of $2.31 MM/year from increased productivity, revenue gains worth an average of $1.09 MM/year, savings on IT hardware worth an average of $1.15 MM/ year, and an ROI of 447%.

Download the whitepaper (.pdf)


PinkOTC: Market analytics delivered real-time.

Challenge: Pink OTC Markets needed a comprehensive repository for all its data – one that provided a holistic view across all data sources and enabled faster time-to-market for new applications and reports. The repository had to accommodate fast, ad-hoc queries and real-time data loading. It also needed to enable new insights into data and allow Pink OTC Markets to create data marts for different reporting functions.

Solution: Using Vertica, the company built a new system that supported real-time market analytics. Now ad hoc queries of detail data in billions of records are performed with no cubes or summary tables. The new solution is 100X -100,000X faster than traditional RDBMS and programmers can create new reports in minutes not days, using SQL skills.

Testimonial: “Our first proof-of concept with Vertica was very encouraging. When we loaded in some of our tables and ran our initial queries, we were blown away by how fast the Vertica Database was.”

—Rahul Bose, Director of Applications Development, Pink OTC Markets