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Who’s Winning with Vertica?

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Who's Winning With Vertica?

Watch the videos below to hear some of the success stories from the game changing community of Vertica users.


Big Data is helping improve global biodiversity with HP Vertica and Conservation International

At HP Discover, held in Barcelona in June 2013, Conservation International (CI) announced a new initiative called “HP Earth Insights,” a partnership between CI and Hewlett-Packard. The mission described on their website is “to generate real-time data for monitoring long-term trends in tropical biodiversity through a global network of field stations, providing an early warning system on the status of biodiversity to effectively guide conservation action.” CI’s Director of Information Systems, Eric Fegraus, says “What we have been able to do is bring analytics and a data-driven approach to building indices of wildlife communities in tropical forests, and be able to monitor them in near-real-time.” Enter: HP Vertica.

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Business intelligence for the Cloud Software Stack Helps Gaming Sites Quickly Adapt to Evolving Customer Needs

Two new online gaming sites are tackling the challenge with an innovative and affordable cloud-based business intelligence (BI) solution. Sibblingz, a virtual world platform, and CrowdStar, a Facebook based social gaming company, have tapped a virtualized analytic data warehouse to glean insight from its customers’ behavior and usage patterns. With this business intelligence, the sites hope to avoid the mistakes of failed online games that were blind, static and unresponsive to their user community’s preferences. This new rapid analytics capability will help the gaming sites acquire and maintain a maximum number of happy fans by quickly responding to their user community’s requirements.

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Cardlytics serves up success with HP Vertica

Cardlytics, a transaction-driven marketing company, has been undergoing tremendous growth, ramping up from 10,000 pilot customers to its current reach of 70 million households. For several years, Cardlytics relied on Microsoft SQL Server as its main database platform, but the company needed to better manage voluminous data and improve processing speed. After completing a successful proof of concept, Cardlytics implemented the HP Vertica Analytics Platform. The company now has a scalable platform that handles large volumes of data, provides dramatically faster returns on queries, and requires significantly less maintenance time. In a short period of time, Cardlytics has improved its ability to target new customers and increase inventory, which ultimately leads to increased revenue.

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Comcast Revolutionizes Network Performance Data Analysis with Vertica

Monitoring networks in a cost-effective manner is a challenge facing most telecommunications providers today as their network-data volumes increase. The challenge is particularly acute for Comcast, because of its size: Comcast’s network has millions of components, and there are billions of metrics that could indicate a potential service interruption or other problem.

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Conclusive Analytics

Founded in 2000, Conclusive Analytics offers Conclusive Sales Analyst (CSA), a sales and marketing analytics solution, to its customers across industries—from financial services to healthcare and technology. When Conclusive Analytics reached performance limits with its existing reporting tools it evaluated alternatives, including EMC Greenplum, open source Infobright, and HP Vertica. During the evaluation process, Conclusive Analytics put the three solutions through a standard set of operations, and selected HP Vertica for its superior performance. (.pdf)


deltaDNA transforms gaming analytics with HP Vertica

In today’s gaming industry, developers must focus on converting free-to-play customers into paying ones. deltaDNA, a solutions provider serving the gaming industry, has therefore built an analytics platform that incorporates HP Vertica software to deliver real-time analytics, allowing developers to perfect the art of player retention.

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Guess? threads it together with the help of HP Vertica

Guess?, Inc., a leading global retailer, is achieving business and technology benefits with its HP Vertica Analytics Platform that includes a flexible, compelling mobile business analytics iPad application called G-Mobile. The easy-to-use mobile app empowers a range of non-traditional BI users including designers, buyers, planners, and allocators—to analyze sales, inventory and logistical information. The company has improved its insight into customer purchasing behaviors, and can ensure employee resources are allocated appropriately to optimize productivity. With HP Vertica, Guess? has the infrastructure in place to tackle the challenges retailers face—including Big Data and next-generation analytics. The company plans to roll out the analytics platform to Europe and Asia in the near future.

Download the full case study (.pdf)


HP finds big value in HP Vertica big data solution

HP has leveraged HP Vertica Analytics Platform, integrated with Apache Hadoop, to support faster, more flexible analytics of clickstream data.  This big data solution easily accommodates the billions of rows of clickstream data generated by visitors. Because it supports fast data analysis, it allows HP analysts to interact with clickstream data more flexibly and fluidly. HP is therefore better equipped to improve its website functionality and architecture and tailor its website interactivity to the needs of individual visitors, delivering a more precise and granular shopping experience. This, in turn, enhances visitor satisfaction and improves sales conversion rates.

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HP Snapfish

Founded in 1999 and acquired by HP in 2005, Snapfish helped create and grow a market that today’s consumer takes for granted: online photography services. Today, consumers flock to to purchase a range of products and services, from simple photo prints to beautiful photo books, photo cards, calendars and photo-based gifts. However, with time the photography services industry that Snapfish established has become highly competitive, and the company must continually innovate to engage customers, build brand loyalty, and drive revenue. (.pdf)


HP Vertica helps executives at Otkritie Bank with fast decision-making

Otkritie Bank is the largest private bank in Russia. Based in Moscow, this nation-wide bank has deployed HP Vertica and a business intelligence system for business activity monitoring.In 2013, Otkritie Bank decided to develop a new data warehouse to provide operational data storage, as well as an analytical OLAP solution. “We knew this would be a challenge, given that high transactional data in the data warehouse is usually a constr“So Vertica was a very good solution; it removed this constraint. Plus, it is quite costefficient compared to an appliance-based solution, which was another alternative for us.aint in terms of storage,” says Alexei Blagirev, Chief Data Officer at Otkritie Bank.

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HP Vertica helps to optimize health information solutions

Cerner Corporation’s Millennium® solution platform not only provides Electronic Health Records for health care providers, but also helps those providers optimize processes to speed the delivery of care and eliminate waste and error. When the company’s legacy data warehousing solution could no longer support the need for near-real-time data analysis, it turned to the HP Vertica Analytics Platform.

Download the full case study (.pdf)


HP Vertica powers real-time data analytics at Empirix

Empirix, Inc. provides comprehensive end-to-end testing, monitoring and analytics solutions that ensure the quality of complex contact center and unified communications systems. Its customers include mobile and telecommunications companies, banks, insurance companies, cable operators, and airlines. Among its offerings, Empirix has an OEM partnership with HP Vertica to help power Empirix IntelliSight, a Big Data platform for mobile and telecommunications business analytics. Empirix IntelliSight is designed to boost service quality, reduce customer churn and increase ROI.

Download the full case study (.pdf)


Jobrapido collaborates with HP Vertica for big data analytics

Jobrapido, founded in 2006 and based in Italy, is one of the leading online job search aggregators. In 2012, Evenbase, a global digital recruitment group that is part of dmg media and is based in the U.K., acquired Jobrapido. Behind the scenes, Jobrapido has implemented HP Vertica for high-performance analytics that enable the company to better understand user engagement and facilitate rapid product innovation. Download the full case study here (.pdf)


Kansys: HP Vertica powers CSP & MSO data services

Founded in 1997, Kansys brings deep experience and expertise to the business support systems and operations support systems (BSS/OSS) for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) & Multiple System Operators (MSOs). The company is known for an unparalleled ability to align, manage, optimize, and report on huge volumes of data from disparate sources for its clients.With expertise gathered over years of experience, Kansys is unique in its depth of knowledge across the areas that matter to CSPs — Mediation, Process Optimization, Revenue Assurance, Fraud Detection & Analysis, Billing, Audits, Customer Analytics, and Reporting. HP Vertica powers the CSP & MSO Big Data services provided by Kansys to their customers.

Download the full case study (.pdf)


KDDI streamlines data warehouse to improve mobile services

KDDI, Japan’s second largest mobile phone network operator, relies on constant analysis of call data to ensure good customer service. When business growth brought a data explosion, its Oracle relational database could no longer provide the necessary performance. HP Vertica’s column oriented database with real-time analytical processing provided the answer.

Download the full case study (.pdf)


Kokubu successfully renovates its integrated data warehouse

Kokubu is a Japanese food and drink wholesaler with operations throughout Asia. Its integrated data warehouse is used by 4,500 users, tracking daily sales and revenue data. Using the column-oriented database of HP Vertica the company has improved query response time by up to nine times.

Download the full case study (.pdf)


Lancope StealthWatch and HP Vertica

Lancope StealthWatch, a network monitoring tool that leverages the HP Vertica Analytics Platform, provides HP’s network security team with a cost-effective, yet powerful, way to monitor and analyze HP’s network traffic. The solution quickly detects anomalies by continually monitoring network flows and performing fast, powerful analytics on flow data. At 150,000 flows/second, the solution provides comprehensive, actionable data on network activity to monitor and analyze quickly. This speed of information helps the security team discover abnormal events and minimize potential damage faster than any previous solution.

Download the full case study (.pdf)


MTS India relies on HP Vertica in a highly competitive telecom market

Based in New Delhi, India, MTS is the brand name for a division of the Russian-based telecommunications company Sistema Shyam TeleServices Ltd, serving approximately 10 million mobile phone customers on the Indian subcontinent. In 2012, it decided to invest in a competitive data analytics solution to help retain existing customers and encourage increased usage of its mobile and broadband services. “We architected a solution, which included HP Vertica, to help us quickly identify customers who reach certain levels of usage and present them with marketing promotions within a short duration of usage,” explains Rajeev Batra, CIO for MTS India. (.pdf)

MZI Logo

MZI HealthCare improves patient health with HP Vertica on the Cloud

MZI HealthCare is a software company serving the healthcare industry. Its powerful, cloud-based analytics and predictive modeling tool, EZ-ANALYTICS, enables healthcare organizations of all sizes to meet the requirements of new clinical care performance metrics. As these new requirements increased demand for advanced analytics, MZI’s legacy systems slowed, and the company turned to the HP Vertica Analytics Platform to improve performance.

Download the full case study (.pdf)


Nimble Storage Leverages Operational Data with Analytics

Nimble Storage (Nimble) of San Jose, California, is using the powerful analytical capabilities of HP Vertica to leverage in-field operational “big data” to drive its business and better serve its customers. According to Nimble, analytics enabled by HP Vertica have helped it both improve its hybrid storage solution and better understand where business opportunities exist.

Download the full case study here (.pdf)


Scalable data engine underpins Ekogenio anti-fraud platform

Ekogenio is a software start-up creating applications for the
financial sector. Its latest product is Iknoplex Online Fraud
Manager, a managed platform that traces, detects and
prevents online fraud. For this platform, Ekogenio needed a
data analytics engine capable of processing huge amounts of
data quickly and consistently. HP Vertica provides the scale and
performance to ensure a successful launch.(.pdf)


SM Retail Inc.

SM Retail, Inc. is the leading department store in the Philippines, and it carries the franchise for a number of internationally recognized brands, such as Ace Hardware, Forever 21, and UNIQLO. Today, their HP Vertica platform and HP’s partnership with Manthan Systems for improved ETL is delivering a 400-500% improvement in availability of data for decision-making. SM Retail has gone from an organization that uses its analytics sparingly, to one that cannot imagine working without them every day. (.pdf)


Snagajob scales to the rapid pace of hiring

…“We’re collecting about 600 million event based key-value pairs on a daily basis, 25 gigs on a daily basis. That’s the data collection part. The second part was the ‘funnel.’ So what’s the ‘funnel’? People search for jobs by keyword, by zip code, etc. A subset of these people see a posting that interests them and they click on it. And a smaller subset actually applies for the job through an application, and yet a smaller subset of that is of interest to an employer, and so on. We never had been able to analyze this funnel, so we turned to Vertica.”

Download the case study (.pdf)


Spil Games captures big data prize

With over 2 billion page views per month, Spil games needed a new solution to replace its older Postgres database, which simply could not keep up with Spil Games ever expanding audience. After testing several other competing services, HP vertica emerged the winner providing analytics that were “easily two orders of magnitude better than what we were getting out of Postgres.”


Supercell adopts HP Vertica Analytics Platform

Since Supercell began developing games for tablets in 2011, the Finnish company has had two top-grossing games for the iOS platform, “Clash of Clans” and “Hay Day,” both released in 2012. Behind the scenes, Supercell has adopted the HP Vertica Analytics Platform for real-time gaming data analytics. With HP Vertica, Supercell has an analytics platform and partner to support its tremendous growth.

Download the full case study (.pdf)


Thinking Phone Networks

Thinking Phone Networks’ ThinkingSuite software platform provides solutions for voice, mobility, SMS, video, analytics, presence, contact center, and conferencing. The Suite enables enterprises, channel partners and wholesale companies to deploy cloud UC services quickly, easily and cost effectively. Within the Suite, TPN runs ThinkingAnalytics, a powerful cloud-based Business Intelligence service powered by HP Vertica. (.pdf)


Yota Networks creates a unified federated data warehouse

Yota is one of the largest telecom providers in Russia, and a pioneer of providing 4G services in the country. Towards the end of 2011, the company piloted its first commercial LTE network in Novosibirsk, later rolled out to major cities across Russia. The launch of 4G has made a significant impact on Yota’s backoffice systems. It resulted in a massive increase in data traffic, upload times and real-time processing requirements causing Yota to look for a a new data warehouse, one capable of handling big data in real-time.

Download the full case study (.pdf)