HP Vertica Tutorials: Overview

Viewing Query Plans and Profile Data in Management Console 7.0.x

With HP Vertica 7.0, Management Console offers a new way to visualize your query plans and get profile information about your queries. You can run EXPLAIN on a query using Management Console’s Query Plan Visualizer, and it provides you with a visual representation of the query plan with the lowest cost.

Database Designer in HP Vertica 7 Management Console

This video provides an overview of how to use Database Designer wizard in Management Console 7.

Using Vertica Fault Groups

This video introduces fault groups, which were introduced in HP Vertica 7. Fault groups allow HP Vertica to use information about the cluster’s physical layout to mitigate correlated failures that might be inherent in the customer’s environment.

Technology Overview

Become familiar with the differences between row-store and column-store databases. Learn how Vertica distributes data into projects and maintains high availability and accessibility of data. Understand how Vertica processes transactions and compresses data. Please provide your feedback here.