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New Tutorials

Explore our video tutorials to learn how to get the most out of your HP Vertica Analytics Platform.


Connecting HP Vertica 7.x to Tableau Desktop 8.2

Watch this video to learn how to connect your HP Vertica database to Tableau Desktop using the HP Vertica specific ODBC driver connector or a generic connector.

Introducing Active Standby Nodes

New MC Overview Page

Check out the new Management Console Overview page!

New MC Activity Page

HP Vertica 7.1.x introduces changes to our Management Console Activity Page. Check out the new options in this video.

New Explain Plan and Profile Viewing in MC

You now have more input and output options when using explain plan and profiling your queries in MC. Check out this video to learn more.

Projections with Expressions

With HP Vertica 7.1, you now have the option to use an expression as a column definition for a projection. When you load data into a projection with expressions, HP Vertica automatically calculates the values according to the expressions and inserts the data into that new projection. Once you create a projection with expressions, you can query the projection directly to access your pre-calculated data and eliminate resource-intensive computations at query time. Watch this video to learn more about using expressions with projections.