Vertica 4.1 Improves Ecosystem Integration to Deliver More Robust Data Operations and Improved “Out-of-the-Box” Performance

Vertica software tightens integration with Informatica and other third-party tools; upgrades security and compliance features for government and public sectors.

BILLERICA, MA — November 9, 2010Vertica Systems, the leading provider of real-time analytics platforms, today unveiled the latest version of its Vertica Analytics Platform, version 4.1. Vertica 4.1 delivers performance enhancements for large-scale operations – including loads, queries, deletes and updates – and improves “out-of-the-box” integration with third-party tools. Vertica 4.1 also upgrades the software’s security and compliance functionality to offer a more complete solution for government and public sector customers. In total, Vertica 4.1 extends Vertica’s lead in real-time, large-scale analytics processing and improves the industry-leading simplicity and time-to-value associated with the Vertica Analytics Platform.

As part of the effort to tighten Vertica’s ability to integrate with the business analytics ecosystem, Vertica 4.1 includes a number of enhancements that make connecting to and sharing data with best-of-breed third-party tools and solutions easier. Refined adherence to industry specifications and support for SQL Macros make the software easier to use and more efficient to run, and better connectors for third-party tools give users more flexibility and better performance with their preferred solutions for data loading, visualization and reporting.

“One of the key benefits of the Vertica 4.1 update is the enhancements to our integration with third-party tools,” stated Colin Mahony, VP Products & Business Development. “For example, we’ve revamped our Informatica Plug-in to provide incredible load times, even when using the standard, out-of-the-box settings from Informatica. In fact, when we tested it, the Informatica Plug-in allowed us to run a single ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process that loaded over 1 terabyte of data in under an hour, a rate of 1.5 million records per second (5.4 billion records per hour), into a 3-node Vertica cluster running on commodity mid-range servers. This is a huge productivity booster for users.”

As part of the 4.1 release, Vertica also delivers enhancements to the software’s security and compliance features, including identity management and more robust authentication designed to support Vertica’s active expansion into the government and public sector markets.  As part of the enhanced security features, Vertica 4.1 offers the ability to create user profiles for different classes of users, with parameters that define user authentication policies. Flexible authentication profiles allow controls of the length and complexity of user passwords, how often users must change their passwords and a host of policies for protecting access.

About Vertica
Vertica Systems is the leading provider of next-generation analytics platforms enabling companies to monetize their data at the speed and scale necessary to deliver significant value to customers and shareholders.  Vertica’s scalability and flexibility are unmatched in the industry delivering 50x-1000x faster performance at 30% the cost of traditional solutions.  Vertica is used by customers worldwide including Verizon, Guess Inc., Zynga, Capital IQ, Mozilla and Comcast.  Vertica’s North American headquarters is located in Billerica, MA.

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