PinkOTC: Market analytics delivered real-time.

Challenge: Pink OTC Markets needed a comprehensive repository for all its data – one that provided a holistic view across all data sources and enabled faster time-to-market for new applications and reports. The repository had to accommodate fast, ad-hoc queries and real-time data loading. It also needed to enable new insights into data and allow Pink OTC Markets to create data marts for different reporting functions.

Solution: Using Vertica, the company built a new system that supported real-time market analytics. Now ad hoc queries of detail data in billions of records are performed with no cubes or summary tables. The new solution is 100X -100,000X faster than traditional RDBMS and programmers can create new reports in minutes not days, using SQL skills.

Testimonial: “Our first proof-of concept with Vertica was very encouraging. When we loaded in some of our tables and ran our initial queries, we were blown away by how fast the Vertica Database was.”

—Rahul Bose, Director of Applications Development, Pink OTC Markets

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