Glassbeam: Operational data optimized resulting in greater efficiency.

Challenge: Glassbeam’s customer datasets were so large and complex that they were overwhelming the company’s database technology (PostgreSQL), resulting in slow query times and high storage costs. Optimizing PostgreSQL was costing too much, making it impossible for Glassbeam to offer a competitively priced service and still be profitable.

Solution: Vertica and Glassbeam developed the first software-as-a-service (SaaS) application for analyzing product operational data. The new systems achieved up to 1000X improvement in query speed with one-tenth of the storage space. Now the company can deliver higher service levels for ad hoc queries of 1TB+ data sets (95% of Vertica queries run in under 5 seconds). Real-time analysis and inexpensive storage of historical data are other benefits of the Vertica solution.

Testimonial: “The products our customers sell generate a lot of data and they need to analyze this data quickly and accurately to make critical business decisions. For our offering to be successful, we needed a database backend with scalable performance and low operational costs.We evaluated PostgreSQL, Oracle and Vertica and found Vertica provided at least twice the performance while consuming one-tenth the storage.”

—Larry Lancaster, CTO, Glassbeam

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