Comcast: Faster data analysis yields competitive advantage.

Challenge: Comcast network operators must be able to quickly collect and analyze data being generated by devices in the network. Monitoring networks in a cost-effective manner is a particularly acute issue for Comcast, as its network has millions of components, and there are billions of metrics that could indicate a potential service interruption or other problem.

Solution: Using Vertica, Comcast built a network performance monitoring data warehouse. The company is now able to monitor millions of network devices to ensure quality of service and accuracy of capacity planning. The innovative system meets rigorous fault-tolerance and recovery tests and delivers sub-second query performance.

Testimonial: “Vertica opened doors to analyses that otherwise were either too time-intensive or impossible. A larger team of business managers now have faster, easier access to more information. That knowledge is invaluable in an aggressively competitive market like ours.”

—Brian Harvell, Executive director for network operations, Comcast

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