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Vertica Inside

Nearly everyone inside of high tech is familiar with Intel Inside. Even those outside of high tech are familiar with its jingle, heard in living rooms around the world during televised events.

But did you know that the HP Vertica Analytics Platform can also be found “inside” or embedded into a growing number of software solutions as the real-time analytics engine?

At only 80 Megabytes and with a standard SQL engine, the HP Vertica Analytics Platform takes only two minutes to install and just a day or two for you to compare its advantages over OLTP databases. The HP Vertica Analytics Platform scales up and down with ease running on shared single-node appliances to clusters of hundreds of servers both on-premise and in the Cloud.  With standard drivers to help it fit right in with your application and reference architectures with all the major ETL and BI vendors, it’s all about the flexibility to align with any deployment, licensing, and pricing model.

But what kind of results can you expect?

On the infrastructure side, OEM partners have seen as much as a 1,000x query and 100x load performance improvements. They have been able to store more detailed data in the same hardware footprint, take on customers with higher data volumes and rates than ever before, and give their customers more real-time, interactive, and ad-hoc access to the data. On the analytics end, they can extend HP Vertica’s built-in analytics with their own algorithms or take advantage of our platform’s SQL99 extensions or integration points into R and SAS.

And what about the business benefits?

OEM partners ultimately choose the HP Vertica Analytics Platform so that they can:

  • Address the needs of larger customers, particularly when they run into scalability issues with their current database
  • Improve the customer experience with much more interactive, response times
  • Offer new capabilities to their customers, such as ad-hoc query access (which is often restricted because good performance could not be guaranteed with their former database)
  • Lower administration costs around the database for both the OEM partner and their customers (HP Vertica is essentially zero administration after deployment – end customers don’t even need to know that’s there!)

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