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Gartner Magic Quadrant Released – HP Vertica Enters the Leader’s Quadrant

The Gartner Magic Quadrant has long been recognized as critical research that organizations rely on to weigh, evaluate, and ultimately select vendors as the infrastructure for their IT initiatives.

Yesterday, Gartner released the 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse and Database Management Systems. We are very proud to announce that the HP Vertica Analytics Platform has entered the Leaders Quadrant, gaining in both terms of execution as well as its ability to fulfill our vision of storing, exploring, and serving data and insights to thousands of organizations.

We encourage you to read this complimentary report, as you consider HP Vertica to handle your most extreme Big Data analytics initiatives. And, we especially want to thank all of our innovative customers that push us each and every day to build the best, most scalable, and open analytics platform on the planet.

Want to get started with HP Vertica? Download our Community Edition – it’s free up to 1 TB with no time limit.

Setting the Record Straight on Column Stores (Again?!)

Couple months ago I went to SIGMOD 2012.  One of the big award winners there was Bruce Lindsay (IBM Fellow Emeritus), a true patriarch of relational databases.  (System R; enough said!)

I was somehow drawn to him before I figured out his name, and before I learned that he was an award winner.  Maybe it was the hairdo and mannerisms.

Or maybe it was how he asked the presenters of the paper on “MCJoin” something along the lines of  “So, I’ve written a few join algorithms in my day and one of the things that set me back a few months each time was OUTER JOINs”.  Which, in my day, set me back a few months.

Back to the awards.  Each recipient gave a talk.  Bruce gave a very interesting presentation covering RDBMS, how it built up to something useful over the years, and then considered whether we are “losing our way”.  I was a bit surprised that he listed “column stores” as a “detour” on the path of RDBMS progress.  This is his slide (and, as you view it, try imagine someone in the row in front of you cackling about how Mike Stonebraker would react to it…):


Announcing the Vertica Community Edition

by Colin Mahony, VP of Products & Business Development
and Shilpa Lawande, VP of Engineering

Vertica has had an amazing journey since it was founded in 2005. We’ve built a great product, a great team and an incredibly strong and loyal customer base and partner ecosystem. When we first started, no one had even heard of a column store, and today, ‘Big Data Analytics’ is taking the industry by storm. Every day we see companies – big and small – in industries from retail to gaming becoming more data-driven and doing amazing things with the help of analytics. We feel proud and humbled to see the transformation impact the Vertica Analytics Platform has had on our customers’ businesses, and we believe the time has come to broaden access to our technology to a wider Big Data community.

Today, we are truly excited to announce the Vertica Community Edition beta program! The Vertica Community Edition will offer many of the same features as the enterprise edition of the Vertica Analytics Platform to anyone who wants to discover the power of Vertica.  And, as part of the Community Edition beta announcement, we are developing a new MyVertica Community portal which will provide a platform for Vertica users and partners to interact and share knowledge and code with the entire Vertica user community.

Vertica has always been a customer-driven company and we couldn’t have built Vertica without ideas, feedback and guidance from our customers and partners. We hope that the Vertica community will play a similar role going forward – sharing ideas and best practices and providing candid feedback about the product and how it can be made richer and simpler to use.  The MyVertica community portal will feature product downloads, forums, documentation,  training materials, FAQs and best practice guides. We will also be maintaining a GitHub code repository where community users will be able to share code samples, user-defined extensions built using our SDK, adapters to 3rd party products, and more. We hope that with the Community Edition, we take a small step towards our vision of democratizing data and making data and analytics accessible to all!

To register for the Vertica Community Edition beta program, simply visit and complete the registration form.  The beta program will be limited initially, but full availability of the Vertica Community Edition software is expected by the end of the year.

On behalf of Vertica and HP, we are excited to contribute something back to the Vertica Community.  We sincerely invite you to join and contribute, and we can’t wait to see the many cool things you will do with Big Data and Vertica!

Shilpa & Colin

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