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System Mechanics & HP Vertica

Vertica + SYSMEC

Last week, Andy Stubley interviewed by Briefings Direct, discussed how HP Vertica is a critical component to System Mechanic’s Zen, a fault, performance and social media service assurance solution for mobile networks. Below is a quick excerpt along with a link to the full article, check it out!

Gardner: Now that we understand what you do, let’s get into how you do it. What’s beneath the covers in your Zen system that allows you to confidently say you can take any volume of data you want?

Stubley: Fundamentally, that comes down to the architecture we built for Zen. The first element is our data-integration layer. We have a technology that we developed over the last 10 years specifically to capture data in telco networks. It’s real-time and rugged and it can deal with any volume. That enables us to take anything from the network and push it into our real-time database, which is HP’s Vertica solution, part of the HP HAVEn family.

Vertica analysis is to basically record any amount of data in real time and scale automatically on the HP hardware platform we also use. If we need more processing power, we can add more services to scale transparently. That enables us to get any amount of data, which we can then process…”

You can read the rest of the article here

Faster Analytics for GoodData


Recently GoodData, a provider of end-to-end Cloud BI and data warehouse platform solutions, transitioned from Postgres to a columnar database and shared the details of their migration in a post on their developer blog. Spoiler alert, they chose HP Vertica.

After evaluating multiple columnar databases, GoodData determined that HP Vertica was the best fit to power their platform. Among the speed and features like high availability and massive parallelism Tomáš Jirotka, Product Manager for GoodData, mentions that HP Vertica “is the best product we may have as an underlying database engine of our analytical data marts with large fact tables.” They discovered that HP Vertica performed 3 times faster than on postgres without any special optimizations for a columnar database.

We’re extremely excited that GoodData chose HP Vertica as their Big Data analytics engine of choice and are looking forward to powering their Big Data solutions. Learn more about GoodData’s performance experiments with HP Vertica.

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