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Deeper intelligence shared widely harvests analytics gems for GUESS

Dana Gardner, president and principal analyst for Interarbor Solutions, recently conducted a podcast with Bruce Yen, director of Business Intelligence at GUESS, Inc. and an HP Vertica customer.  GUESS is a worldwide retailer of fashions and accessories, with hundreds of bricks-and-mortar stores worldwide, as well as an online presence for many of their brands.

In a story written for ZDNet, Dana shares some of the highlights from his podcast.  Here are a few key quotes from Bruce from the podcast that were shown in the ZDNet story:

In being able to give our users a holistic 360-degree view of what’s happening from that customer standpoint, Vertica has been very critical in keeping pace and enabling us to do that.

We’re pretty innovative in what we do from a mobile standpoint. For the last two years, we’ve had an iPad app that’s powered by the Vertica back end. We have this iPad app that over 100 merchants in North America and Europe use.

The exciting thing is it’s kind of democratized this information and this data and demystified it to a point where everyone can access it and everyone wants to access it. I’ve never seen users get so excited about a platform or an app.

Listen to the podcast. Find it on iTunes. Read a full transcript or download a copy.

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