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How to Load New Data and Modify Existing Data Simultaneously

Many Vertica customers tell us “we have an OLTP workload” which is not Vertica’s architectural sweet spot. However, when we dig into what they are actually doing, it often turns out that they are simply bulk loading mostly new data with some small number of updates to existing rows. In Vertica 6, we have added support for the MERGE statement to allow users to do just that.

Let’s look at the example shown in Figure 1. In this example, users and their numbers of appearances at a specific location (given by X, Y columns) are being merged from the table New_Location (a) into the existing table Location (b), and the merged results are shown in (c), with the updated and new data in pink. The user with UserID 1 comes to Burger King again, thus his total number of appearances must be updated to 2; while users 2 and 3 go to a new location, so their data must be inserted.


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