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Enter the Flex Zone – Modernizing the Enterprise Data Warehouse

I’ve had the privilege of attending the Data Warehouse Institute’s (TDWI) conference this week. The Las Vegas show is usually one of their biggest gatherings. This year, there were about 600 of us gathered together to talk about the latest and greatest in the data warehouse and business intelligence world. HP Vertica was a sponsor.
The latest buzz was around many of the new data discovery tools that were announced by some vendors. Vendors recognize that there is a significant amount of undiscovered data in most businesses. As data warehouse teams go merrily along delivering daily analytics, piles and piles of dark data builds within that might have value. To innovate, users are recognizing that some of this unexplored data could be quite valuable, and it’s spurring on the development of a new breed of data discovery tools that enable users to develop new views of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

Of course, this is the very reason that we have developed HP Vertica Flex Zone. The ability to ingest semi-structured data and use current visualization tools are one of the key tenets of HP Vertica Flex Zone. With HP Vertica Flex Zone, you can leverage your existing business intelligence (BI) and visualization tools to visually explore and draw conclusions from data patterns across a full spectrum of structured and semi-structured data. Analysts, data scientists, and business users can now explore and visualize information without burdening or waiting for your IT organizations to use lengthy and costly ETL tools and processes typical with legacy databases and data warehouses.
Most agreed that special data discovery tools should converge with standard analytical platforms in the coming months. Discovery should be as much a part of your business as daily analytics.

There were some first-rate executive sessions led by Fern Halper and Philip Russom, who talked about the transformation of analytics over the years. Analytics has become more mainstream, more understood by the masses of business users. Therefore innovation comes when we can deliver business intelligence for this new generation of information consumers.

The panel discussions and sessions focused very much on business value and put forth a call-to-action for some. Innovate. Feed the business users needs for information that will help drive revenue, improve efficiency, and achieve compliance with regulations. It was clear that data warehouse must be modernized of data warehouse (and that is happening today). Data warehouse pros aren’t satisfied with daily static analytics that they delivered in the past. They are looking for new data sources, including big data, and new-age data analytic platforms to help achieve their business goals.

Get started modernizing your enterprise data warehouse – evaluate HP Vertica 7 today.

Social Media Insights with HP Vertica Pulse

Get insight into what your customers are saying about your products and services with HP Vertica Pulse, one of the new innovations available on the recently announced HP Vertica Marketplace.

HP Vertica Pulse allows you to analyze Tweets automatically, scalably, and in-database so that you can:

  • understand the top-of-mind topics for your community and the sentiment associated with those topics.
  • combine results with other business data already stored in Vertica
  • identify advocates and detractors
  • analyze how sentiment changes over time
  • view high-level aggregate results as well as low-level comments
  • customize results for your domain.


Below are some visual examples of how HP Vertica Pulse can help you to make meaning of your data.  In this case, we used our free Social Media Connector on Github to collect and automatically load Tweets about some NFL teams over one weekend in November.  After running Pulse on the data, we used Tableau to visualize.  The visual on the left gives an aggregate view of the most popular topics.  Although we collected Tweets on football teams, a number of other topics appear, like “Tom Brady”, “Cam Newton”, and “call”.  The size of the circle reflects the volume of the tweets, while the color indicates sentiment (green for positive and red for negative).  As it turns out, the Patriots, 49ers, Jets, and Chiefs all lost that weekend.


The next visual shows an excerpt of a drill-down into one of the compelling results, namely the negative sentiment on ‘call’. This extract shows that there was a controversial call in the New England-Carolina game.

Bubble list

By using Pulse, and without actually watching the games, we were able to get an understanding of the most talked-about topics.  We could drill-down into the most compelling results to get an understanding of why the sentiment of the topic is negative, and take action if needed.  In the case of products and services, you could similarly see the aspects that mattered most to your community.  Negative sentiment could highlight a problem that needs attention.

You can try HP Vertica Pulse on tweets that impact your business.  To download, visit the HP Vertica Community Marketplace, and look for HP Vertica Pulse on the Innovations tab.

The HP Vertica Pulse download contains the following resources:

  • Installation files and documentation
  • three instructional videos
  • A quick start guide,
  • A Tableau template

These resources will help you to evaluate HP Vertica Pulse and make meaning of your Tweets as quickly and easily as possible.  When you create your Marketplace account, please review the Terms and Conditions, as they contain important information about the Innovations efforts.

We want to hear from you!  Post your questions, comments, and feedback to the HP Vertica Community.  Would you use HP Vertica Pulse to make an impact on your business?  What changes would you like to see?  We look forward to your feedback!

Boom Times for Boston’s Biggest Data

It’s boom times at HP Vertica – as the Boston area’s first and biggest Big Data technology provider, we continue to grow and expand our employee base and ecosystem.

We had a full house last week for our spring Open House, which gave us a chance to have friends of the company including current (of course) and future employees, strategic partners and even members of our alumni network.

As with any growth business in a highly dynamic market, occasionally people decide to move on but it was gratifying to have a number of former colleagues join us – some of whom have become customers, and a few of which have even re-joined the company recently!

Over the next few weeks, HP Vertica will be taking things on the road to HP Discover Las Vegas and will be involved in some major strategic announcements regarding HP’s Big Data strategy, so watch this space for more.

We’re also going to be on the road for our Discover Performance series and a number of industry events – check our website for details.

And last but not at all least, we’ve got our HP Vertica Big Data Conference in early August – click here or on the image below to learn more and to register. We’re expecting another full house including our base of current and future customers, strategic partners and of course many of our colleagues from worldwide HP – sign up now, since space is limited and Early Bird Pricing expires June 28!

Register here

Taking a Moonshot at Big Data Analytics for Everyone

HP Vertica is very excited about Monday’s announcement of the HP Moonshot system.

Why? Because we believe that the combination of the HP Vertica Analytics Platform running on the HP Moonshot Servers offers a truly game-changing value proposition for a variety of customers, and new segments of the market.

Moonshot is, simply put, a groundbreaking system which offers customers the ability to rapidly deploy, scale and manage with dramatically lower space and energy constraints. While traditional IT services that support business functions will continue to be served by general purpose server infrastructure, a new computing platform is required for specialized workloads that can deliver innovative solutions to market at unprecedented speed and scale.


We’ve already successfully tested the HP Vertica Analytics Platform on HP Moonshot Servers, and achieved very comparable performance to traditional Big Data Analytics hardware across certain performance ranges, which for a large segment of the market is more than sufficient to handle their Big Data Analytics loads – while offering very significant potential cost, space and energy savings.

Running Vertica on Moonshot offers yet another proof point of the unmatched value provided by HP’s combination of Information Optimization solutions, and a great example of the opportunity created by innovation that makes us so excited to be a part of the greater OneHP.

To learn more about HP Project Moonshot, visit

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