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Enter to Win the March Data Madness Machine Learning Mania Contest!

Slam Data Dunk

If you’re a frequent visitor to our blog, you may recall reading about the March Data Madness Sentiment Tracker that we demonstrated at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference just before the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball “March Madness” Tournament.

The demonstration focused on tracking the “sentiment of the crowd” by collecting and analyzing roughly a half million tweets with the HP Vertica and HP IDOL engines. These results were displayed with a Tibco Spotfire dashboard and offered great conversation fodder at the event:

  • Volume of tweets by team
  • Volume of tweets by player
  • Positive, negative, and neutral sentiment groupings
  • Volume of tweets by U.S. city and by worldwide country
  • Volume of tweets by language (English, French, Spanish, etc.)

We also dug into additional results and continued the conversation around sports analytics with our Webinar — The Future of Big Data in Sports – with an impressive roundtable of experts, including STATS and
Join the Machine Learning Mania Competition for a Chance to Win Cash Prizes!

For this year’s tournament, we’re at it again, only we’re offering cash prizes to the data scientist who can use the HP Haven Big Data Platform to accurately predict this year’s winner by sifting through massive amounts of data and applying machine learning and statistical techniques.

You will have access to key HP Haven technologies, including HP Vertica Distributed R to accelerate your machine learning by running your R models across multiple nodes to vastly reduce execution time and analyze much larger data sets.

The Machine Learning Mania Contest , hosted by Kaggle and sponsored by HP Software’s Big Data Group, enables you to get creative with the data sets that you use to create your statistical models. We will provide you with data covering three decades of historical games, but all participants will be encouraged to pull in data from a variety of external sources.
There’s no cost to join and you can compete compete to win up to 15,000 in cash prizes – join the Madness today!

HP Vertica @ Boston TechJam!

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Yesterday, myself and a few other fellow members of the HP Vertica team attended Boston TechJam 2014 at the city hall plaza in Boston. Featuring a digital art display by local artist Cindy Bishop entitled “The Way You Move”, our booth was thronged with people wanting to know more about what we do as the leading big data analytics platform. Myself and the rest of my team wanted to send out a huge thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth to talk with us. I personally had an amazing time interacting the rest of the tech community here in beautiful Boston, getting a chance to talk to everyone from up and coming innovators to grizzled tech veterans, (some of whom may be joining our ranks in the future!)

Below are some pictures I snapped of the festivities (when there was a rare break in between people coming up to the booth). I’m already looking forward to next year!

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