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Enhancing Big Data Analytics with the HP Vertica Marketplace


At the O’Reilly Strata Conference, we will be demonstrating the just-announced HP Vertica Marketplace, an online destination for developers, HP Vertica users, and technology partners to create and share innovative big data analytics solutions built for the HP Vertica Analytics Platform. The marketplace features the HP Vertica Analytics Platform Community Edition, connectors and third-party extensions, business intelligence tools, ETL and data transformation products, and HP Vertica innovations for sentiment analysis, geospatial analysis, and distributed R.

Our partner ecosystem, particularly, is excited to share their complementary technologies in the marketplace to accelerate the development of end-to-end solutions, based on HP Vertica. Logi Analytics, Looker, VoltDB, and a growing number of technology partners have their technologies featured in the marketplace — directly available for you to download today. These partnerships will allow HP Vertica users to find everything they need to create their big data analytics solutions all in a single environment.

What our technology partners are saying
“Looker is excited to offer our modern analytics platform in the HP Vertica Marketplace,” said Keenan Rice, vice president of marketing and alliances for Looker. “Now HP Vertica customers—and anyone in their organizations—can experience the power and flexibility of exploring extremely large data sets, in full detail and in real time.”

“We’re pleased to take part in the HP Vertica Marketplace,” said Bruce Reading, president and CEO of VoltDB. “Our in-memory operational database is ideal for any organization grappling with high-velocity data that is mutating rapidly, is extremely write- and read-intensive and requires immediate analysis not possible with batch processing. The marketplace provides HP Vertica’s community of developers, partners and customers with an easy way to tap into the power and remarkable speed of VoltDB for transactional decision-making on huge, incoming real-time data streams.”

“Logi Analytics is thrilled to help deliver on the “n” Apps HAVEn promise and launch its information platform on the HP Vertica Application Marketplace,” said Kevin Greene, VP Business Development & Channels, Logi Analytics. “Together, Logi Analytics and HP Vertica empower organizations and their people to collect, analyze and act on some of the largest and most diverse data sets in the world to put the power of information at everyone’s fingertips. We are pleased to partner with the HP Vertica team in creating this important new application marketplace.”

Contribute to the HP Vertica Marketplace today
Fostering an open big data analytics ecosystem is essential to bringing innovative products to our Vertica community. To build this diverse community, we are encouraging other developers and technology partners to join our developer program and post their solutions to the HP Vertica Marketplace. Joining is simple. Currently, we are sending out invitations to participate. If you’d like an invitation, send an email to and we’ll respond with instructions to join.

We look forward to building up our catalog and offering the HP Vertica community a variety of products in an easy-to-use environment. Be sure to visit the marketplace often and check out the latest and greatest big data analytics offerings.

The HP Vertica Marketplace in the news
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Back to School with Big Data

In case you missed it, we’ve spent much of this past week featuring some of the awesome projects our brilliant interns worked on this summer at Vertica. Projects ranging from improving video game design to building an application for sorting through the ever growing emails in our inboxes. These projects are great examples of how students are training to solve and pose new problems using big data and real-time analytics – thank you Matt & Mark Fay and Alex Leblang for your excellent posts.

As we grow Vertica by adding top notch talent we are excited to see how universities continue to innovate to train the workforce we depend on. For example, Stanford University is offering introductory courses on line for intro to databases, natural language processing, machine learning. We are also seeing an increased interest from universities in updating their curriculum to include classes for analytical thinking to help train leaders to ask better questions of the newly available data. Other universities are leading by example, implementing Big Data solutions of their own to improve retention, and graduation rates with sophisticated data analytics.

The website Online recently posted an infographic that provides a great summary of how Big Data is impacting campus life and the college experience, which we’ve posted below. There’s no doubt that Big Data is having a tremendous impact on the college experience – and that our college interns have had a hugely important impact on us here at Vertica. We wish them – and all – students well in the academic year ahead, and if you’re interested in learning more about Vertica’s internship programs or current job opportunities we would love to hear from you!

To see the infographic, click the “Read More >>” link below!


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