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Exciting Times at Vertica

I recently joined Vertica as President and CEO and could not be more excited about the team and  technology.  These are also exciting times for the leading next generation analytic database company.  I want to introduce myself and share my thoughts on Vertica’s position and opportunity in this market.

I joined Vertica because over the past few years I’ve seen a fundamental change in the enterprise IT ecosystem, and I believe Vertica is the personification of this shift.  The change I am referring to is the broad horizontal and vertical consolidation that is occurring in the data center and the need for innovative and purpose-built applications that can take full advantage of this architectural shift.  Hyper-competitiveness, cost constraints, and regulatory compliance are forcing this consolidation, and Vertica not only participates in it, but also helps facilitate it.

Already in the company’s young life Vertica has been able to create a new ecosystem for software, services, server, and storage vendors.  Vertica fundamentally changes the way organizations are able to store, access, analyze, and ultimately monetize their data.  Given my background in the systems, network and storage business, I know first hand how Vertica’s unique architecture creates differentiated opportunities for server and storage vendors to effectively compete for the datacenter footprint of tomorrow.  Vertica offers organizations freedom of choice to use the best industry standard hardware with the best purpose-built database solution for analytics.

When it comes to delivering high-volume real-time analytics, solutions that incrementally attempt to retrofit next-gen features as add-ons to their traditional offerings need not apply.  As recently as twelve months ago, next generation MPP-columnar databases were considered to be relatively new technologies.  The customer pain around data warehousing has only gotten worse, and now the data warehousing market and industry influencers have embraced columnar technology and predict it will be used in the majority of data warehouse implementations.  However, not all column stores were created equal!

Vertica was purpose-built from the ground-up as a truly native MPP-Columnar DBMS.  This allows Vertica to deliver superior query performance, high compression rates, concurrent real-time loading and querying, and a scale-out model that is unique.  We’ve also built this as a modular and massively parallel platform, which we continually add rich analytics libraries and capabilities to.

This only matters as a means to the end of solving customer problems.  Last year we more than doubled our customer base, reaching the 100th customer milestone faster than any data warehouse vendor.  We now have over 130 customers.  We have consistently brought out new versions of our database incorporating innovations that increase the effectiveness of the Vertica-based solutions our customers use every day, all day.   We have established a strong presence in the telecommunications, financial services, internet, retail and healthcare industries.  Finally, we have established strong direct and indirect sales channels and have begun to establish our presence in international markets.

It is my goal to capitalize on the momentum and market opportunity that exists for Vertica and to pursue an aggressive growth strategy.  This will lead to continuous innovation and further improvements in what we deliver to customers, and it will also expand a healthy ecosystem around us.  The end result is that we will continue to build on our track record of delivering an analytic database solution that scales-out further, queries and loads data faster, enables more real-time analytics, and gets even easier to use.  It is going to be a fun ride, and we are eager to experience this journey with our customers, prospects and partners alike.

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