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Enter the Flex Zone – Flex Zone Demo

In December 2013, we introduced HP Vertica Flex Zone with the HP Vertica 7 “Crane” release. HP Vertica Flex Zone gives you the power to quickly and easily load, explore, analyze, and monetize emerging and rapidly growing forms of structured and semi-structured data, such as social media, sensor, log files, and machine data. You can use your favorite industry-standard business intelligence (BI) and visualization tools to explore Flex Zone data in HP Vertica without creating schemas upfront.

We created the HP Vertica Flex Zone demo video based on a common real life scenario of an HP Vertica Flex Zone customer. It showcases how you can tackle the typical challenges dealing with semi-structured and structured data coming from disparate sources, be able to work with the data in an uncomplicated SQL environment, and most importantly, get value out of all of your data.

Check out the HP Vertica Flex Zone demo video here:

Enter the Flex Zone: Taking HP Vertica Flex Zone on the Road

Howdy HP Vertica Community! A couple of weeks back, I was on the road meeting up with HP Vertica customers, partners, and big data geeks in Atlanta and New York City.

The main topic of interest with customers and partners was the changing landscape of big data. From the 80’s on until about a decade ago, data was coming in from more traditional sources such as enterprise CRM and ERP systems, and data warehouses. This was your tried and tested structured data that fit nicely into tables and columns.
Over the past decade or so there has been a paradigm shift in the industry with the rise of “non-traditional” data sources such as web, social media, sensor data, etc. The semi-structured data that pours out of these sources does not necessarily play nice with old school data analytics platforms built to handle structured data.

The majority of customers and partners I heard from are struggling to analyze this large pool of semi-structured data that often sits in their data warehouse for years. Their common challenge was that it takes “forever” to load semi-structured data into their old analytics platforms. The ETL (Extract Transform Load) process they currently use entails importing the semi-structured data into the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), transforming it into a simple delimited format, and then importing it into their data analytics platform. Prior to import however, Database Administrators need to write a lot of SQL table definitions with hundreds or thousands of columns, parse, sort, perform error checks, and then export it in the right order to load correctly. This manual and error prone process takes hours to days, and causes significant delays reducing the time to value from big data.

Luckily HP Vertica product development talks to customers a lot more often than I do, months ago they responded to this challenge by designing <a= href””>HP Vertica Flex Zone a product specifically built for ingesting semi-structured and structured data FAST!

During this trip I had the chance to demo HP Vertica Flex Zone and illustrate how quick and easy it is to load, explore, and analyze structured and semi-structured data. Since most customers in the audience were also users of business intelligence (BI) and visualization tools, they were thrilled to see that HP Vertica Flex Zone works out-of-the-box with major BI tools.

In New York City the HP Vertica channel sales boot camp event was attended by over 40 partners representing 11 companies. The training sessions ran all day and included product training, demos, “a day in the life of a HP Vertica rep” and A LOT of food! We had some great questions from partners and received some awesome feedback from our attendees:

“By far the best Vertica training I’ve seen to so far”

“The Boot Camp was very good. It was one of the best I have taken in a long time. Don’t change anything”

“I absolutely, loved the talks, presentations/demos and meeting key members of the HP Vertica team. Very excited about HP Vertica’s offering and its convincing value proposition.”

We are planning more of these boot camps around the country so be on the lookout for one in your area. [Do we have any on schedule now? If so, might be good place to plug.]

If you want to see the power of HP Vertica Flex Zone for yourself, try it out for free with our <a=href””>HP Vertica Community Edition software.

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