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Who's Winning With Vertica?

Watch the videos below to hear some of the success stories from the game changing community of Vertica users.

Vertica is currently looking for skilled candidates in the following areas: Engineering, Marketing, Product Management, Sales and Support.

For a full and current listing of all open positions at HP Vertica, please visit the HP careers page from the following links:

About Vertica

Vertica is a dynamic company offering opportunities limited only by your capabilities and desire to succeed. With proven technology, we’re poised for exponential growth but right now we’re small enough that every member of our team contributes mightily to our success.

Why Work at Vertica?

We are a market leader.

Vertica is spearheading the information revolution. We’re looking for the right people, partners and technologies to fuel the change and drive our rise to the top.

We’re innovators.

We’re finding new ways of resolving challenges that were previously unsolvable. We work together to build impressive new products with each of us having an individual impact.

Our focus is on our customers.

Serving our customers and making sure they can achieve their business and professional goals are our motivating factors.

We work hard and have fun.

Many of us have been there – and we understand what it takes to build a successful technology company. We also know that we work best when we’re enjoying ourselves.

Join the exciting world of Big Data!