Faster Analytics for GoodData


Recently GoodData, a provider of end-to-end Cloud BI and data warehouse platform solutions, transitioned from Postgres to a columnar database and shared the details of their migration in a post on their developer blog. Spoiler alert, they chose HP Vertica.

After evaluating multiple columnar databases, GoodData determined that HP Vertica was the best fit to power their platform. Among the speed and features like high availability and massive parallelism Tomáš Jirotka, Product Manager for GoodData, mentions that HP Vertica “is the best product we may have as an underlying database engine of our analytical data marts with large fact tables.” They discovered that HP Vertica performed 3 times faster than on postgres without any special optimizations for a columnar database.

We’re extremely excited that GoodData chose HP Vertica as their Big Data analytics engine of choice and are looking forward to powering their Big Data solutions. Learn more about GoodData’s performance experiments with HP Vertica.

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