HP Vertica & Yammer

We recently added Yammer, a business enterprise social network, to our growing list of customers. Yammer allows company employees to communicate, collaborate, and interact with one another internally.
Like any company, Yammer needs to make the most out of the data they collect every day in order to consistently update and improve their user experience.

In fact, Yammer’s entire work ethic is designed around implementing in quick, short, and effective bursts, all of which relies on having lightning fast access to all of their data. “Yammer is very data driven in its development,” says Peter Fishman, Director of Analytics at Yammer. “We’re not just gathering data from a vocal minority, we’re actually gathering the breadth of the customer base, and we’re looking at which features they’re actually using.”

That’s where HP Vertica comes into play. HP Vertica allows Yammer to function the way it does because of the incredible amount of time it saves the analytics team in finding the data they need. “You want to be sure all of your resources are being spent on things that are resonant with your users” says Co-founder & CTO Adam Pisoni. By using HP Vertica, Yammer can immediately see where they need to improve, and turn on a dime to implement on it without wasting time waiting for queries to come back, or having to structure their data in a specific way beforehand.
Take a look at this video for more information on how HP Vertica enables Peter and his team at Yammer to evolve their product in a way that is ideal for their customers using the data they see every day.

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