Doing Everything with Big Data

Earlier this year we invited Chris Wegryzyn, Director of Data Architecture for the Democratic National Committee, to participate in “The Disruptive Power of Big Data,” a webinar discussing how the Vertica analytics platform played a central role in achieving his organizations key focus—to measure everything. As this was one of the most successful programs we’ve run recently, it was a true pleasure to have him back speaking at the HP Vertica Big Data Conference 2013.

The story of how the DNC integrated data analytics into their organization is incredible. They went from having no Big Data program in 2008 to creating one of the most impressive big data analytics organizations we’ve seen in 2012—And Vertica was the heart of their platform. Vertica enabled them to build a single, comprehensive platform that empowered staffers throughout the campaign to utilize data, everything from registered voter lists and social data to data collected by their army of volunteers, to make the right decisions in communicating their message to the voters.

At Vertica we are always talking about the power of real-time insights and how timely business intelligence is critical to making the smartest choices, but the DNC had to take this a step further. As Chris mentioned during the conference, his organization had “the mother of all deadlines.” Every decision had to matter, from each email sent out to potential voters to what media purchases they should make in any given market. All of their data had to be working for them.

Check out this video where Chris discusses how they achieved this. For his organization Big Data analytics became rooted in their philosophy allowing them to translate all of their raw data into insights that fueled their success. At one point in the video, responding to a question about the role of data, Chris smiled and said, “We did everything with data.” That’s the kind of message we can get behind at Vertica.

Did you miss the HP Vertica Big Data Conference? Check out our conference wrap up page to see some of the highlights. We’ll continue to post updates to the page in the coming weeks so don’t be a stranger.

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