Six Degrees of Big Data

When you think Big Data you most certainly don’t think about acclaimed actor Kevin Bacon (most famous for the game six degrees of Kevin Bacon), but maybe you should. Earlier today he opened the Meg Whitman’s HP Discover 2013 keynote address. Throughout his discussion he continuously returned to the idea that technology has the power to bring us all closer together, what he referred to as connectedness—and harnessing the power of Big Data plays a central role to achieving that goal. Storing, analyzing, and accessing information, he said, is key to creating connectedness. Now is our time to define what matters.

Big Data in the Discover Zone

Meg specifically called out Vertica and Autonomy as integral pieces of HP’s Big Data strategy (we were one of only a handful of HP technologies specifically referenced!). We are tasked, she noted, with managing more data and complexity than ever before and that shift demands a new style of IT—one that relies on hardware, software, and services. HP is uniquely positioned to deliver in all three of these avenues. Most importantly she continued to relate a message near and dear to Vertica, that partners and customers are the heart of HP. Throughout the address Meg made it clear that IT, specifically Big Data, is a vital and vibrant part of HP’s future strategy—and Vertica is vital to achieving that level of success.

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