Big Data and Even Bigger Laptops at HP Discover 2013

Despite the fact that the thermometer is hovering around a balmy 110 degrees this week in Las Vegas, the HP Vertica team is thrilled to be a part of HP Discover 2013—and Big Data is front and center this year. There are a bunch of great sessions sprinkled throughout the week and an entire section of the Discover Zone is dedicated to the topic. Along with three Vertica booths, we have a number of speaking engagements, including a panel discussion about translating Big Data into business success featuring our own Colin Mahony.

Giant laptop in the Discover Zone

Walking into the exhibition hall I was immediately struck by the impeccable details from floor to ceiling (many more photos to come). I’m not sure what I was expecting, I knew it would be great, but I didn’t expect to see a 20 foot HP laptop replica that you could interact with. From the grandiose images draping from floor to ceiling to the multicolored lighting greeting you as you enter, HP did incredible work. It’s really remarkable how this all comes together in the end and I’m looking forward to a great week. I’ll be posting periodic updates throughout the week so stay tuned for more from HP Discover 2013.

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