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Two new case studies – Yota and Kokubu

We’ve published two new case studies – Yota and Kokubu, showing how two more of our world-class customers are creating a competitive advantage with the HP Vertica Analytics Platform.  Below are some quick summaries of both case studies, as well as a link to the PDF versions of the case studies.  If you would like to learn more about how customers of all sizes, across a variety of industries, are using HP Vertica, please visit the HP Vertica Case Studies page.


Yota Networks creates a unified federated data warehouse

Yota is one of the largest telecom providers in Russia, and a pioneer of providing 4G services in the country. Towards the end of 2011, the company piloted its first commercial LTE network in Novosibirsk, later rolled out to major cities across Russia. The launch of 4G has made a significant impact on Yota’s backoffice systems. It resulted in a massive increase in data traffic, upload times and real-time processing requirements causing Yota to look for a a new data warehouse, one capable of handling big data in real-time.

Download the full case study (.pdf)


Kokubu successfully renovates its integrated data warehouse

Kokubu is a Japanese food and drink wholesaler with operations throughout Asia. Its integrated data warehouse is used by 4,500 users, tracking daily sales and revenue data. Using the column-oriented database of HP Vertica the company has improved query response time by up to nine times.

Download the full case study (.pdf)

Hiking with Interns!

HP Vertica’s Summer Intern program is up to 9 interns this year. HP Vertica has experienced tremendous growth recently with 76 new employees hired this year alone. Several of the interns are working on projects to be released with the next version of Vertica, while others are helping with the organization and marketing of the first ever HP Vertica Big Data Conference from August 5th-7th.

Sunday June 23rd was the second annual intern hiking trip. This year’s HP Vertica summer interns, their mentors, managers and some family members ventured out to Blue Hills Reservation, a Massachusetts State Park in Norfolk County. With bags of trail mix, water bottles and plenty of sunscreen, the group trekked up a mile to the peak for a beautiful view point.

The group finished off a fun, but hot, day with food at the Hillside Pub in Canton. Individuals from various teams across HP Vertica had the chance to catch up, share what they are working on and enjoy each other’s company!

A Sneak Peek of HP Vertica Pulse, Harnessing the Volume and Velocity of Social Media Data

The Web provides us with a myriad of ways to express opinion and interest—from social sites such as Twitter and Facebook to blogs and community forums to product reviews in ecommerce sites to many more. As a result, customers have significant influence in shaping the perceptions of brands and products. The challenge for the managers of those entities on which opinion and interest is expressed is to understand, in an automated way and in as close to real-time as possible, what people are talking about and how they feel about those topics, so that they can better understand and respond to their community.

HP Vertica Pulse — now in private beta — is HP’s scalable, in-database answer to the problem of harnessing the volume and velocity of social media data. Executed through a single line of SQL, HP Vertica Pulse enables you to extract “attributes,” or the aspects of a brand, product, service, or event that your users and customers are talking about; and the ability to assign a sentiment score for each of these attributes, so that you can track your community’s perception on the aspects of your business that your community cares about. Understand whether your customers are looking for a particular feature, how they react to a facet of your product or service as you anticipated, or if they are suddenly encountering problems. See how their perceptions change over time.

We used HP Vertica Pulse at HP Discover to capture attendee sentiment. We captured tweets related to HP Discover, the Tweeter’s screen name, and the timestamp. We ran the tweets through HP Vertica Pulse and visualized the results in Tableau. The whole effort was up and running in just a few hours. The screenshot below shows the major aspects:


  • We watched the interest of the crowd change over time. With each successive keynote, we saw new initiatives and people appear in the word cloud. Meg Whitman received a lot of press, as did HP’s New Style of IT and HAVEn. So did Kevin Bacon, who participated in Meg’s keynote.
  • HP Vertica Pulse surfaced news in the data analytics world. In a trial run using tweets related to data analytics, we saw “Walmart” — not a common name in the world of analytics — appear in the word cloud. A quick drilldown in Tableau revealed that Walmart recently purchased data analytics company Inkiru.
  • We captured the most prolific Tweeters. We could expand on this data to include influencer scores and reach out to the most influential posters.
  • We captured sentiment on all of the tweets. In a friendly forum like HP Discover, we expect the majority of the tweets to be neutral or positive in nature.

HP Vertica Pulse is a result of an ongoing collaboration with HP Labs and is built on Labs’s Live Customer Intelligence (LCI) technology. The Labs team has already had great success with LCI as evidenced in part by their Awards Meter application. HP Vertica has also built a social media connector that loads tweets of interest directly from Twitter into the HP Vertica Analytics Platform, allowing you to start understanding your community right away.

HP Vertica Pulse is yet another example of how you can use the HP Vertica Analytics Platform to bring analytics to the data, speeding analysis time and saving the effort of transferring your data to an external system. Because HP Vertica Pulse is in-database, you can store your text data and the associated sentiment alongside sales, demographic, and other business data. HP Vertica Pulse will help you to harness the voice of your customer so that you can better serve them.

We are now accepting applications to trial Pulse in our private beta. To participate, contact me, Geeta Aggarwal, at

A New Approach To Big Data Analytics

With all of the announcements made final from HP Discover 2013, it’s safe to say that Big Data was a hot topic this year. One of the biggest initiatives came from the announcement of HAVEn, HP’s comprehensive, scalable, open, and secure Big Data analytics platform. Check out Colin Mahony, Senior Vice President and General Manager of HP Vertica discussing how this new data analytics platform brings together everything an organization needs to profit from Big Data.

Six Degrees of Big Data

When you think Big Data you most certainly don’t think about acclaimed actor Kevin Bacon (most famous for the game six degrees of Kevin Bacon), but maybe you should. Earlier today he opened the Meg Whitman’s HP Discover 2013 keynote address. Throughout his discussion he continuously returned to the idea that technology has the power to bring us all closer together, what he referred to as connectedness—and harnessing the power of Big Data plays a central role to achieving that goal. Storing, analyzing, and accessing information, he said, is key to creating connectedness. Now is our time to define what matters.

Big Data in the Discover Zone

Meg specifically called out Vertica and Autonomy as integral pieces of HP’s Big Data strategy (we were one of only a handful of HP technologies specifically referenced!). We are tasked, she noted, with managing more data and complexity than ever before and that shift demands a new style of IT—one that relies on hardware, software, and services. HP is uniquely positioned to deliver in all three of these avenues. Most importantly she continued to relate a message near and dear to Vertica, that partners and customers are the heart of HP. Throughout the address Meg made it clear that IT, specifically Big Data, is a vital and vibrant part of HP’s future strategy—and Vertica is vital to achieving that level of success.

Big Data and Even Bigger Laptops at HP Discover 2013

Despite the fact that the thermometer is hovering around a balmy 110 degrees this week in Las Vegas, the HP Vertica team is thrilled to be a part of HP Discover 2013—and Big Data is front and center this year. There are a bunch of great sessions sprinkled throughout the week and an entire section of the Discover Zone is dedicated to the topic. Along with three Vertica booths, we have a number of speaking engagements, including a panel discussion about translating Big Data into business success featuring our own Colin Mahony.

Giant laptop in the Discover Zone

Walking into the exhibition hall I was immediately struck by the impeccable details from floor to ceiling (many more photos to come). I’m not sure what I was expecting, I knew it would be great, but I didn’t expect to see a 20 foot HP laptop replica that you could interact with. From the grandiose images draping from floor to ceiling to the multicolored lighting greeting you as you enter, HP did incredible work. It’s really remarkable how this all comes together in the end and I’m looking forward to a great week. I’ll be posting periodic updates throughout the week so stay tuned for more from HP Discover 2013.

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