New Case Studies – Guess? and Kansys

There are two new case studies posted on the site – Guess? and Kansys – and they offer two very different stories about how these world-class companies are using Big Data as a competitive differentiator in the retail and service provider industries.  But there is one common thread between the two stories – the HP Vertica Analytics Platform.

You can check out the stories by going to the Customer Case Studies page, but I wanted to give you a short description of the company and a quote for each story to entice you to check them out:

Guess?, Inc., a leading global retailer, is achieving business and technology benefits with its HP Vertica Analytics Platform that includes a flexible, compelling mobile business analytics iPad application called G-Mobile. The easy-to-use mobile app empowers a range of non-traditional BI users including designers, buyers, planners, and allocators—to analyze sales, inventory and logistical information. The company has improved its insight into customer purchasing behaviors, and can ensure employee resources are allocated appropriately to optimize productivity. With HP Vertica, Guess? has the infrastructure in place to tackle the challenges retailers face—including Big Data and next-generation analytics. The company plans to roll out the analytics platform to Europe and Asia in the near future.

“Vertica gives us the flexibility to tackle Big Data. With HP Vertica, our organization is ready for the challenges retailers are facing—from Big Data to next-generation analytics.”
– Bruce Yen, director, Business Intelligence, Guess?, Inc.

Founded in 1997, Kansys brings deep experience and expertise to the business support systems and operations support systems (BSS/OSS) for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) & Multiple System Operators (MSOs). The company is known for an unparalleled ability to align, manage, optimize, and report on huge volumes of data from disparate sources for its clients.With expertise gathered over years of experience, Kansys is unique in its depth of knowledge across the areas that matter to CSPs — Mediation, Process Optimization, Revenue Assurance, Fraud Detection & Analysis, Billing, Audits, Customer Analytics, and Reporting. HP Vertica powers the CSP & MSO Big Data services provided by Kansys to their customers.

“As a consumer of data, time to information is important, and we don’t want to be limited in the amount of data we process. HP Vertica solves that problem.”
– Tom Wisnasky, CIO, Kansys

To check out these two case studies, and to learn more about Guess?, Kansys, and some of our other customers who are taking full advantage of the HP Vertica Analytics Platform, please visit the Customer page on our web site.

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