BDOC – Big Data on Campus

I had a great time speaking at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference yesterday, and perhaps the most gratifying part of doing a panel in front of a packed house was how many students were in the audience. Having been a bit of a ‘stats geek’ during my college years, I can assure you that such an event, even with a sports theme, would never have drawn such an audience back then.

It was even more gratifying to read this weekend’s Wall Street Journal, with the title Data Crunchers Now The Cool Kids on Campus. Clearly this a terrific time to be studying – and teaching – statistics and Big Data. To quote the article:

The explosive growth in data available to businesses and researchers has brought a surge in demand for people able to interpret and apply the vast new swaths of information, from the analysis of high-resolution medical images to improving the results of Internet search engines.

Schools have rushed to keep pace, offering college-level courses to high-school students, while colleges are teaching intro stats in packed lecture halls and expanding statistics departments when the budget allows.


Of course, Big Data training is not just for college students, and at HP Vertica we are working on programs to train both professionals as well as students in conjunction with our colleagues in the HP ExpertOne program. We invite those interested in learning more to contact us – including educational institutions who are interested in adding Big Data training to their curriculum.

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