Sensor Data and the Internet of Things: When Big Data Gets Really Big

I remember back in the 1990s when Sun Microsystems claimed that “Java anywhere” would even make refrigerators intelligent to know when you were out of milk, triggering a series of events that ultimately resulted in a grocery delivery chain bringing your milk to your door step the very next day.

Fast forward to today. There are millions (and soon billions) of devices that are connected to the Internet — cars, medical equipment, buildings, meters, power grids, and, yes, even refrigerators. These connected devices comprise the Internet of Things (also known as Machine to Machine or M2M).

But why is this important to your world of Big Data analytics?

The Internet of Things is generating an unfathomable amount of sensor data  — data that product manufacturers, particularly, need to manage and analyze to build better products, predict failures to reduce costs, and understand customer behavior to differentiate and improve loyalty.

In fact, a recent report by IDC’s The Digital Universe 2020 forecasts that machine-generated data will increase to 42 percent of all data by 2020, up from 11 percent in 2005.

The use cases are proven and here. Some are even mainstream. Think Progressive Insurance’s Snapshot pay-as-you-drive insurance commercials that have taken over our airwaves. Others are around us, and you may not even know it. Over your next work day, think about how many devices are connected and distributing information just waiting for analysis — your car, train, flight, or bus; traffic lights, road side signs, the elevator and escalator, an ATM, your check-out system.

But, more importantly, join us for our upcoming Webcast: Unlocking the Massive Potential of Sensor Data and the Internet of Things on Thursday, February 14th at noon EST (9:00AM PST).

We look forward to continuing the conversation and share these and other emerging use cases, real-world case studies, and a technology perspective to help you prepare for this massive opportunity ushered in by sensor data and the Internet of Things!

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