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HP’s online security strategy is designed to protect its infrastructure from hackers, fraud, and malware. The cyber security model includes prevention, detection, and response, and incorporates a number of key HP solutions from the HP IT Performance Suite — Security Intelligence and Risk Management portfolio. These HP solutions help HP’s security professionals respond more quickly and efficiently to events — despite the complexity of HP’s IT infrastructure.

HP Vertica figures prominently in the HP IT cyber security story as part of the Lancope StealthWatch solution.  Lancope StealthWatch is a network monitoring tool that leverages the HP Vertica Analytics Platform to provides HP’s network security team with a cost-effective, yet powerful, way to monitor and analyze HP’s network traffic, delivering network-based anomaly detection.

The way the Lancope StealthWatch works is that it collects network data, including NetFlow, sFlow, JFlow, IPFix, and netStream flows, on a continual basis.  As the data is collected, it’s sent to the tool’s analytics engine, which is built on an embedded version of the HP Vertica Analytics Platform software. There, the flows are analyzed for indications of malicious or anomalous behavior, including attempted malware intrusions, misuse of network resources, or distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks.

“The HP Vertica Analytics Platform is an integral component of Lancope StealthWatch because it enables the tool to handle the enormous volume of data it collects. HP Vertica’s analytical capabilities and fast query speeds help ensure we detect network security issues as quickly as possible.”
Jim O’Shea, network security architect, HP

HP Vertica’s powerful analytics capabilities are crucial to the effectiveness of Lancope StealthWatch. Lancope’s monitoring of network flows is constant and the volume of data it gathers is enormous. The HP Vertica Analytics Platform software is designed to manage massive, fast-growing volumes of data and can easily handle the data Lancope collects.

If you would like to find out more about how HP IT protects its infrastructure from cyber attacks, please download the case study, “Security solutions protect HP applications, data — and customers.”  In this case study, there are links to other case studies comprising a number of cyber security solutions that include software products from HP, including HP ArcSight, HP TippingPoint, HP Fortify, and HP Vertica.  To download the HP Vertica and Lancope solution case study directly, please use this link:

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