Big Data, Information Optimization, and Bulldozers at HP Discover

Nearly 10,000 HP customers, partners, prospects, and employees met in Frankfurt, Germany for HP Discover, which was abuzz with major announcements (including “Bulldozer” or HP Vertica Analytics Platform 6.1) and spirited discussions around Big Data and Information Optimization.

The blogosphere, news feeds, and headlines are dominated by the challenges and perceived virtues of Big Data. But is it all just hype and how can companies really monetize, and avoid getting swallowed up by, all this Big Data? And what does Information Optimization mean and how is Big Data and Information Optimization related, if at all?

The HP Vertica team played a central role in answering these very questions throughout the conference in sessions, press and media briefings, CIO tours, blogging sessions, news video interviews, and even livestream Twitter chats.

Opening Session on Information Optimization


To kick off the conference, Colin Mahony joined panelists Professor Andrew McAfee of the MIT Sloan School of Management, John Sontag of HP Labs, and Paul Miller of HP Enterprise Group to offer their perspectives on the potential impact of Big Data on every organization — even going so far as to propose that those businesses who avoid Big Data (or, at a minimum, do not implement a strategy) risk becoming extinct to more nimble competitors.

June Manley of HP Software also shared some interesting results from an independent study conducted by Coleman Parkes in October 2012 with senior business executives and senior technology executives:

  • 84% of executives said that they DO NOT have the right information at the point of need that enables them to obtain actionable insight that drives the right business outcome
  • Only 10% of executives said their organization currently incorporates unstructured data into their enterprise insights, processes, and strategy

Enter Information Optimization, enabling enterprises to harness the power of Big Data by storing, managing, understanding and acting upon the variety, velocity, and volume of organizational data to drive maximum Return on Information. In summary, it’s the HP solution that enables enterprises to monetize all of their Big Data.

Professor McAfee concluded this session by challenging the audience to avoid listening to HIPPOs (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) and learn from how companies and organizations are using Big Data to accelerate drug discovery, optimize airline seat and scheduling, and even accurately predict the 2012 presidential election.

Livestream Twitter Chat on Big Data

HP also piloted its first livestream Twitter chat on Big Data. Led by Paul Muller of HP Software, the leading question was: How can you harness the true power of business data to stay competitive while remaining compliant?

I joined Randy Cairns and Brian Weiss of HP Autonomy in providing our insights and answering a steady flow of questions from bloggers and Twitter followers (#infoopt). Topics covered how organizations can stay compliant and derive value from the unfathomable amount of unstructured data, the security concerns introduced with such broad access to Big Data, and which data (structured, unstructured, semistructued) to retain and use and which data to confidently discard.


For our responses and perspectives, see the archived video chat.


Announcing “Bulldozer” HP Vertica Analytics Platform 6.1

We rolled out our “Bulldozer” HP Vertica Analytics Platform 6.1 at the show to much fanfare and interest from companies in need of maximum speed, performance, and scale to power their Big Data analytics initiatives. For an overview, see Luis Maldonado’s blog post as well as Colin Mahony’s video interview with Yahoo!

Those are our perspectives, but we always learn the most from you, our community. So, we welcome your thoughts and feedback.

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