Capitalizing on the Potential of R and HP Vertica Analytics Platform

With the release of HP Vertica v6, we introduced a no-charge download of a new package that incorporates R, one of the most popular open-source data mining and statistics software offerings on the market today.

With this package, you can implement advanced analytics and sift through your data quickly to find anomalies using advanced R data mining algorithms. For more technical details on this integration, see How to Implement “R” in Vertica.

It’s but one part of our open platform approach, integrating and supporting a range of tools and technologies—from Hadoop to R to BI/visualization environments like Tableau —in affording you more flexibility and choice to derive maximum insight from your Big Data initiative.

“Got it,” you say. “But can you share some common use cases to spark ideas for my organization?”

For a complete list of use cases and additional details on the technology behind this integration, download our just-released white paper: “R” you ready? Turning Big Data into big value with the HP Vertica Analytics Platform and R.

That said, the use cases are only limited by your imagination—everything from behavior analytics (making meaningful predictions based on past and current buying behavior) to claims analyses (identifying anomalies, such as fraud, or identifying product defects early in the product release phase). In fact, the best ideas, and even more gratifying to us, implementations, are happening today in our user community.

One of our digital intelligence customers uses Hadoop’s HDFS to store raw input behavioral data and Hadoop/MapReduce to find conversions (regular-expressions processing) by determining what type of user clicked on a particular advertisement, and HP Vertica Analytics Platform to store and operationalize high-value business data.

In addition, the company’s big data solution supports reporting and analytics via Tableau and the R programming language as well as custom ETL. This combination of technologies helps this customer achieve faster insights that are delivered more consistently with less administrative overhead and lower-cost, commodity hardware.

How are you using R with HP Vertica Analytics Platform? We’re all ears.

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