The First Boston Area Vertica User Group

We recently held the first Boston area Vertica meetup / user group and it was a huge success! The crowd consisted of a few members from Vertica, representatives from 7 area Vertica customers, a Vertica Partner, Vertica consultants/experts, and also a few (hopefully) future Vertica users!  For the first hour it was all about Vertica users meeting each other for the first time and learning about how each of them use the platform, why they use it, what they like about it, tips and tricks etc…it was pretty cool to take a back seat and listen to them talk about our database!

We had a few speakers,  up first was Syncsort a Vertica partner on the ETL side.  They spoke about how Vertica connects to Syncsort and the benefits of using it with Vertica’s database.  Then up next we had Compete speak about how they use Vertica and the benefits that it brings to their business.

Seth from Compete talking about the fastest database in the world!

We had 2 special guests Colin Mahony, Vertica’s CEO and also Shilpa Lawande, Vertica’s VP of Engineering say a few things and also answer questions from the crowd!  I thought it was awesome for not only our customers to meet them but for Colin and Shilpa to meet with the Vertica community as well!

That was the play by play for the first Boston Vertica User Meetup Group.  It was a success I am hoping that we grow this group with more and more Vertica enthusiasts! Special thanks to Compete for hosting the 1st event. If you have not already, make sure you sign up right here and look for the new Meetup to be announced soon! Don’t miss out!

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