Cardlytics Powers More Ads with HP Vertica

Cardlytics is the pioneer and leader of the cutting edge field of Transaction-Driven MarketingTM, expected to grow into a multi-billion industry in the US over the next four years (according to the Aite Group). The company’s unique advertising platform enables banks to deliver rich, relevant rewards to its customers based on purchasing history while fully protecting their privacy. Since its founding in 2008, Cardlytics has been a leader of innovation with recent accolades including being named one of the 100 most innovative private companies in the world by Red Herring.

In this short video, Jon Wren, Director of Data Innovation for Cardlytics, discusses how Cardlytics uses HP Vertica to enable better personalization for the ads they serve to online banking customers.  In addition, Jon talks about gaining so much time with HP Vertica that his analysts can finally do what they were hired to do – analyze data – instead of wrangling data.

With HP Vertica, Cardlytics believes they have the power to scale Cardlytics to handle any large banking customers without having to worry about the database.

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