Back to School with Big Data

In case you missed it, we’ve spent much of this past week featuring some of the awesome projects our brilliant interns worked on this summer at Vertica. Projects ranging from improving video game design to building an application for sorting through the ever growing emails in our inboxes. These projects are great examples of how students are training to solve and pose new problems using big data and real-time analytics – thank you Matt & Mark Fay and Alex Leblang for your excellent posts.

As we grow Vertica by adding top notch talent we are excited to see how universities continue to innovate to train the workforce we depend on. For example, Stanford University is offering introductory courses on line for intro to databases, natural language processing, machine learning. We are also seeing an increased interest from universities in updating their curriculum to include classes for analytical thinking to help train leaders to ask better questions of the newly available data. Other universities are leading by example, implementing Big Data solutions of their own to improve retention, and graduation rates with sophisticated data analytics.

The website Online recently posted an infographic that provides a great summary of how Big Data is impacting campus life and the college experience, which we’ve posted below. There’s no doubt that Big Data is having a tremendous impact on the college experience – and that our college interns have had a hugely important impact on us here at Vertica. We wish them – and all – students well in the academic year ahead, and if you’re interested in learning more about Vertica’s internship programs or current job opportunities we would love to hear from you!

To see the infographic, click the “Read More >>” link below!

How Big Data is Changing the College Experience
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