VLDB 2012 – Istanbul Bound!

I’ll be giving a talk next week about Vertica at VLDB 2012. If you happen to be in Istanbul, please stop by (Nga and I have a T-Shirt for you). Our paper can be found at the VLDB website:

The Vertica Analytic Database: C-Store 7 Years Later

At Vertica/HP, we pride ourselves on cutting edge technology, informed by the latest academic research, applied with cutting edge software craftsmanship. Over the years, we have benefited by closely collaborating with academic researchers, befitting a company founded by Mike Stonebraker.

Vertica Systems was originally founded to commercialize the ideas from the C-Store research project developed at MIT and other top universities and which was originally described in a VLDB 2005 paper. This year I am proud we have come full circle and published a rigorous technical description of the Vertica Analytic Database in VLDB 2012.

We look forward to many more years of technical breakthroughs and cool innovation in analytic database systems. Speaking of which, we are hiring! If you are a superstar (cliché, I know) and are interested in working with us to

  • Design, build and test challenging distributed systems, database internals, and analytics systems software
  • Bring one of the very few new database engines to new customers who desperately need it

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