Introducing Tech Talk

Since its beginnings, the Database Column has evolved to include information about the Business Intelligence and Database industries from a number of different perspectives. As such, this blog has attracted a diverse range of readers, including those who want high-level intelligence that helps them make strategic business decisions all the way to the people who are implementing databases and working with business intelligence on a daily basis.

It’s for this last group – the “techies” – that we’re proud to introduce a new feature to the Database Column blog. Called “Tech Talk,” each post will feature in-depth information that is important to those of you who are in the trenches. And for those who don’t need to know how to write a SQL query or aren’t interested in the details of GFI (Gap Filling and Interpolation), we are identifying our Tech Talk posts by categorizing them with the “Tech Talk” category so you know immediately whether the content is appropriate for you.

So watch this space for our first Tech Talk post entitled:

GFI – A Swiss Army Knife for Time Series Analytics

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be rolling out Tech Talk posts on a number of different subjects, including event window functions, the query benefits of sorted data, implementing a successful proof of concept trial, and how Vertica offers high availability.

If you have any ideas for a Tech Talk topic, please use the Comments section to let us know. We’re looking forward to exploring a number of topics with you, our readers.

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